New Books and ARCs, 7/3/15

To take us into Independence Weekend, please enjoy this stack of new books and ARCs, which have come to the Scalzi Compound. Which ones would you like to unite with your bookshelves? Tell us all in the comments!

23 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 7/3/15”

  1. A new Niven and Barnes? I really hope it’s a Dream Park sequel.. *crosses fingers*. Usually I am envious but not drooling over your ARC piles; this one has my heart rate raised.

  2. Tomorrow War. Hopefully it is similar to some of your speculations about the future of humans in the universe.

  3. I bought The Awesome for my 14yo about-to-enter-high-school daughter based on a glowing review on BoingBoing; somebody please read it and tell me I haven’t scarred her for life?

  4. David Hajicek–more of a The Last Centurion” by Ringo. Society collapses after inflation/deficit government spending destroys the economy, grid collapses, chaos reigns. Intelligence Agency supertrooper surveys and prospers.

  5. Behold, new work by Niven & Barnes, and there was much rejoicing.

  6. Nine books by men (four were ambiguous, so I looked them up–all of them were male, interestingly enough), three books by women.

    No blame to Scalzi; I’m sure he’s just photographing what he gets sent, but it may say something about publishing houses, so I’m keeping an eye on it.

    Also there’s about as much red as pink, but the pink happens to be clumped together so it’s perhaps more noticeable. (Interestingly enough, two of three books by women have pink in the spine–one of nine books by men does.)

  7. I like the spine art and title of The Awesome. Don’t know anything about the book or author.

  8. Half the World. I’m 2/3 through Half A King, and am enjoying it. Mr Abercrombie has definitely improved from his earlier books – I quite liked Best Served Cold, but it had noticeable pacing issues, whereas Half A King corners like it’s on rails. Whee!

  9. I see your piles of ARC’s regularly and it makes me think of a few things…
    1. How big is your library? (aka. do you keep these all, give them to family/friends etc)
    2. How much do you read on average?

  10. I just recently read “The Awesome” and was fairly pleased. Darrows remembers her teen-age years quite vividly (why yes, I do know her) and applied it well. The book starts out a bit contrived, but gets its feet on the ground pretty quickly and moves along snappily. Oh, and the plot works. :-) @Chris Womack: It’s probably not going to ruin your child, but be aware this is some sex and lots of violence.

  11. I looked up THE AWESOME, and read the Kindle sample, it looked like something my eldest might like. Looked like something I’d like, for that matter.

    So I ran it by my offspring, whose reaction was basically, “Yeah, okay. I’d read that,” without much enthusiasm expressed. The offspring likes print books, I like e-books, so I wasn’t sure which version to get. So I ran it by Ann, who laughed and said. “I’ll read that!”

    So we’re getting the print version, and it’ll have at least two readers here. We’ll see about the third…

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