Win an ARC of The End of All Things

See the ARC of The End of Things that Zeus is assiduously guarding and/or not actually giving a damn about? It could be yours! It could be yours because I’m running a contest to give it away. And here’s what you do to enter:

In the comment thread, recommend a book that you enjoyed, which has been released since January 1, 2014. It can be fiction, non-fiction, YA, graphic novel, e-pubbed or indie-pubbed or “traditionally” pubbed. Anything is eligible to be recommended, so long as a) you have read it, b) it was published after January 1, 2014, c) you were not the author (and neither was I; I mean, people already know I have books out).  If you want to leave a brief description about why you loved the book, that would be great, too. Basically, I’m giving away an ARC as an excuse to get people to recommend recent new books they loved.

Only one entry per person, please. If you leave multiple entries, sorry, I will disqualify you. If you leave a post and it’s put in moderation (for whatever reason); don’t panic — I’ll release it fairly soonish. No need to post again. Once is enough.

The contest runs from this moment until 1pm Eastern tomorrow (Thursday July 9, 2015). At which point I will close the comment thread and randomly select a winner, who I will notify at the e-mail address they use to leave a comment. I’ll sign (and if desired, personalize) the ARC for the winner and mail it to them wherever they are on the planet — so, yes, this contest is open to everyone everywhere on the planet Earth.

So: What book published after January 1, 2014 do you recommend? Leave it in the comments below!


The Barren Field

So, my problem recently is that every now and then I get it into my head, “Hey, I should write a Whatever entry about something,” and then I go through the list of things out there to write about, and by and large the emotion I feel about them is “oh, Jesus, like I give a single shit about that right now.”

And it feels great! I am bathed in enjoyable lassitude about pretty much everything right about now. I don’t imagine it will last — it never does, I’m a cranky bastard — but for the moment? It’s kind of lovely. I think I will appreciate it while it lasts.