The Barren Field

So, my problem recently is that every now and then I get it into my head, “Hey, I should write a Whatever entry about something,” and then I go through the list of things out there to write about, and by and large the emotion I feel about them is “oh, Jesus, like I give a single shit about that right now.”

And it feels great! I am bathed in enjoyable lassitude about pretty much everything right about now. I don’t imagine it will last — it never does, I’m a cranky bastard — but for the moment? It’s kind of lovely. I think I will appreciate it while it lasts.

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  1. I would LOVE to have this as a poster… just too bad I can’t post it at work..

  2. I’m so lazy that I’ll make this comment later.
    Laziness is the mother of Necessity, and Necessity is the mother of Invention.
    Thus, Laziness is the grandmother of Invention.

  3. Besides, there’s probably enough outrage on the Internet right now anyway.

    This being Whatever, I’m hoping that comment doesn’t spark outrage in anyone reading it.

  4. Isn’t this the whole point of taking cat pictures? I mean, it’s a perfect fit: when you don’t give a f***, post a picture of an animal that doesn’t give a f***!

  5. There is a word for the complex welter of emotions you are feeling. That word is “Summer”.

    Enjoy it!

  6. Good for you! After all, the internet is for porn, not ranting. Although, Rule 34 means there must be porn featuring people ranting on the Internet…

    I’m frightened.

  7. The key to my happiness is that it began when I let my fucks field go fallow. It was so nice that I decided to leave it that way. Now I just grow a few tomatoes and play music.

  8. Write about something positive or that makes you happy instead. Family, job, etc.

  9. Enjoyable Lassitude. The new prequel/sequel set in the Old Man’s War universe where warring species and civilizations, hellbent on obliterating each other, sit around and wait for the next shit to hit the fan. And cookies.

  10. Cf. this great line from The Peripheral:

    “Look like you’ve come up short on the number of fucks you need to not give,” Janice said, appearing out of the crowd with a beer of her own.

    (h/t to Language Log)

  11. And thus began the great Blog Fuck Famine of 2015. A fine time to promote my self published essay “A Modem-ist Proposal”

    “It is a melancholy object to those who browse through this great internets, when they see the blogs, the comments, and tweets, crowded with beggars of attention, followed by three, four, or six retweets and upvotes, all in outrage and importuning every passenger for an clicks…. “

    Whaddaya think? Will it sell? CAN I GET A BLURB, EH?!


  12. Sounds like you are describing apathy. I don’t understand why you would find that lovely.

  13. The student asked, “Master, how do I tell the difference between apathy and Nirvana?” The master replied, “The Buddha is smiling.”

  14. You feel this way because as master of the SJW cabal, you’ve achieved so much, right? Legal gay marriage, no more challenges to Obamacare, a frickin’ conversation about the Confederate flag even! Honestly, there’s nothing else for you to do but lean back and cackle.

  15. How dare you not care about the thing that I care about today?! And without even the shallow excuse that you care about something that is clearly less important!! You are obviously an awful person!!

  16. It’s the middle of summer. It’s hard to get serious about stuff in the middle of summer. My monthly Ninc column is due today… and I can’t think of anything to write about, either. So I’d better get cracking 1500 words due on something weighty and worthy by tonight…. But it’s the middle of summer. I just want to lie in the lounger with a fruity beverage.

  17. Enjoy the feeling. No need to be constantly stressed about something.

  18. It’s a lovely day here in the town of Dun-Givva-Fark, and we’d like to welcome our newest citizen, Mr John Scalzi. We’d applaud, but we can’t be bothered. Then again, we’re not going to be asking you to speak a few words to the audience either, so everyone wins out.

  19. Shalt, surely? “Thou shalt see”. Or “You shall”.

    Happily, that is the only thing currently growing in my field, a few kilometers out of Megpie’s charming Outback town.

  20. So . . . who owns the rights to that image/saying? I mean that particular arrangement; I would love to use it, but I like to attribute work that is not mine.

    If you read this and answer, thanks. If you don’t, and don’t . . . oh, well; my field is not quite as barren, but I can act like it is.

  21. It is now safe to move about the cabin. However, the captain is leaving the seat-belt light on to remind you that turbulence can appear without warning.

  22. This is a favorite in the Ravelry forums I play in. I know several of the members are cross-stitching this.

  23. I always worry about letting things go and will keep a list of “interesting links and stuff” because I worry about follower retention.

  24. I envy that state of fucklessness.
    If you want to post but don’t have a worthy subject pet pics are always good. We rather like pet pics actually.

  25. Reblogged this on lonestarlove and commented:
    DO NOT LOOK AT THIS.. if you’re offended by the “F” bomb. Being married to a retired soldier and firefighter, I, however, am not and thought this … and its accompanied picture… “F”ing hysterical. :)