For Those Wondering Where the Most Recent Site Subtitle Comes From

It comes from this.

(For those of you seeing this in the future, after the subtitle has changed, at the time of this writing, the subtitle was “I still dream of Orgonon.”)

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  1. Michael Graf:

    Yep, that’s a typo. Fixing.

    (NB: “Organon” is also a word, coming down from Greek philosophy.)

  2. 1. Oh, that’s what she was singing there!
    2. Can they ship one of those to California? We’ll pay the freight charges.
    3. Kate Bush’s videos have still got it.

  3. I am in love with every song on this album.

  4. I always thougt the line was “I still dream of Algernon”.

  5. Oh thanks! I always try to Google where the new one comes in.

  6. M.A. Kropp – NH, USA – I am a writer who is also a wife, mommy, and grandmother. I live in MA in the USA. I write mostly fantasy and science fiction. I speak sarcasm fluently. I am Irish and a ginger- that is fair warning. Puppies and kittens are my friends. I like good food, good drink, good friends, and good books.
    M.A. Kropp

    I have not seen this video in years! Still love that album.

  7. I worked my way through college cleaning and waxing department store floors. Kate Bush on my Walkman kept me sane. That would be the later half of the ’80s.

  8. I’m noticing the art cycling, you must have it on a randomizer? Anyway, you have SO much great art from your covers. It’s nice to see the variety, though a little startling.

  9. DangerKitty – I like my family, running, triathlon, F/SF and my job. I use my job to pay for the others. I believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

    I do love me some Kate Bush. Excellent taste, mein Herr.

  10. Yes!

    She closed her Before the Dawn shows with this song. Still jealous of Paul Cornell getting to see it.. Also, still waiting for a video release of it.

    FYI, here’s Paul’s write up of the experience.

  11. The song was inspired by Peter Reich’s ” A Book Of Dreams”. It is quite good and recently back in print.

  12. Oh, it is a Reich reference.
    Ya gotta have at least some respect for somebody whose books were burned by the Communists, burned by the Nazis, and burned by the U.S. government.

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