Just a Little Rainy Right Now

This is my backyard at the moment, illuminated by lightning courtesy of the ridiculous thunderstorms coming through the area, and long exposure times. The big muddy river-looking thing is in fact a small river of water coursing through my yard, put there by a massive downpour that’s overwhelmed the yard drainage system. Don’t worry, we’re fine; we’re on a hill and the land directs water away from the house in any event. But it’s pretty impressive.

Here’s a view looking down toward the road, which at the moment is entirely flooded. Fortunately, we don’t have anywhere to go right now. We’ll stay here in the house and see if the rain lessens any. If it does, by the time we wake up in the morning most of this water should be gone. And if it’s not, well. Good thing I work from home, I guess.

30 Comments on “Just a Little Rainy Right Now”

  1. I was wondering if the rainfall was hard enough to wash out some of that fresh gravel.

  2. BTW, what are vegan marshmallows made of that makes them vegan? Or alternatively, what is in regular marshmallows that a vegan would object to?

  3. I’ve seen that downpour before, Thankfully it wasn’t tonight, although we did have a ton of lightning. Take care and keep inside. No need for going out and roaming until all of that water has moved on to other lands.

  4. hugh57: Most commercial marshmallows contain gelatin, which is made from bones, hooves, skins and connective tissue of animals. I presume that vegan ones use a seaweed or algae-based gel like agar.

  5. Radar shows something bigish heading our way (Toronto) in the next hour or so though I doubt it’s as dramatic as this I’d love to be outside enjoying the ozone and taking photos but alas I am on a conference call most of the day. (Unless the power and/or internet drops)

  6. I agree with Stevethedm, can you send some of that rain to Florida, please? Beautiful pictures and immediately made me think of Rainy Days and Mondays.

  7. VEGAN marshmallows? What’s wrong with our Earth marshmallows, you alien-lover! Imports are bad enough, but from another STAR system!

  8. Looks like your neighbors might not be so sanguine about the river running down the street.

  9. Very pretty lit by lightning. Now if someone would just photoshop a shark into the river.

  10. It was a little rainy here in the San Francisco Bay Area the other night – some places got 1/10 inch of rain, which is nearly a record for July.

  11. Just highlights the fact that some building planners don’t think ahead and builds houses on low land causing all kinds of troubles.

    But politicians and governmental employees have seldom been known for being the sharpest knives in the box.

  12. Oh, the building planners think ahead all right; they think “We’ll have sold this before it becomes a problem”. The governmental folks at FEMA do try to educate people about flooding, but lots of people simply don’t listen.

  13. i’m over in Columbus, and *seriously*, should we start building an ark or something? [this being a common motif from MANY cultures with roots around Mesopotamia. also parts of the U.S., *so*]

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