I Have Nothing of Interest to Say Today, So Instead Here’s a Picture of the Dog in the Yard

I believe we can all agree that this is a fair trade.

22 Comments on “I Have Nothing of Interest to Say Today, So Instead Here’s a Picture of the Dog in the Yard”

  1. My initial impression was a large dog standing in very long grass. I was enchanted by the idea of lots more dogs there just hidden from view. alas.

  2. All my pups and I can do is look longingly at your lush, green grass. Brown is in for lawns now in CA. I like my xeriscaped yard, but it’s not much good for playing ball or agility practice with the pooches.

  3. The curious incident of the dog in the yard…..but the dog did nothing in the yard….that is the curious incident… no “land mines”….hmmmm

  4. Have you considered putting up a glossary of your various header photos (detailing what they’re pictures of, giving credit, etc.)? I’m kind of curious to know where that anime style drawing comes from.

  5. I want to know what the really shiny header is … a chandelier?

    You tweaked the vivid on this, maybe? Cuz Daisy looks almost shopped. Could just be the muzzle and giant tongue.

    Always thought she was a very proper example of “dog”. Not too big, not too small, cute ears. The Ur-Dog, as it were.

  6. Has no one noticed? LOIS has a new story out, with absolutely no publicity that I have seen. Set in her 5-Gods world. Electronic only, and i cannot find evidence of it being published elsewhere. I love the world!

    Also, cute dog.

  7. Nice dawg! Ruff, woof, grrrrr, woof!! Nice big dog, happy looking, satisfied to be where she is.

    She is very sweet looking, scritch her for me, around the ears and under her chin. That’s where our dogs like it most. I bet she will like that too, from her people.