Daily Archives: July 23, 2015

Wife and Daughter, 7/23/15

Both pictures taken today.  There’s some family resemblance there, I think.

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Pre-Orders, Concerts, Tour Notes and Other Announcements

Some various things, involving me, all put in the same post for the sake of organization: * As you can see from the photo above, the hardcover edition of The End of All Things is something that exists in our world. Hooray! If you want it the first day it’s out — or make sure you […]

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First Impressions: Asus Chromebook Flip

I have a number of Chromebooks here at the house — some of you might remember I was given a CR-48, the beta version of the Chromebook, by Google back in the day — and I like them quite a bit for what they are, which are cheap and cheerful computer terminals that back up […]

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