Wife and Daughter, 7/23/15

Both pictures taken today. 

There’s some family resemblance there, I think.

22 Comments on “Wife and Daughter, 7/23/15”

  1. You are a lucky, lucky man.

    But I suspect you figured that out a long time ago.

  2. There’s a lot of family resemblance :). Tho I think Krissy has the more dramatic cheekbones.

  3. Kudos to Luis for the correct use of a eight syllable word meaning asexual reproduction, I love the comments here!

    And now for bonus points: name the 80’s pop song that uses ‘parthenogenesis’ correctly in its lyric.

  4. Hmm.. there is some vague kinda sorta almost resemblance.. almost. Well resemblance to you. If I say the two ladies in person I’d pretty much know they were parent/child off the bat. You, not so much. But maybe for us guys that ain’t a bad thing after all. :-) Not that much resemblance to their dads for either of my nieces, despite the fact that my sister (second mother) and brother (best friend) are two of the greatest people I know. The nieces take after the female halves of the parental pairs. :-)

  5. Jeebus, man, if your kid’s sense of humor and writing wasn’t yours, I’d think you had nothing to do with Athena. plus, Krissy’s hair is beautiful. My family doesn’t grey so easily. dang

  6. Classy and beautiful. (It’s good that that’s true for at least two out of three in the family…. )

  7. Ya think? :-)

    (I very strongly resemble my dad, especially when I have a beard, as I did last week. We were hanging out, and someone approached us and asked if we were siblings, or father and son. When I was fifteen and he was forty, that was a compliment. Now that I’m 36 and he’s 62, it’s still a compliment, but only for him…)

  8. Resemblance??? That’s Krissy today and one of Krissy’s old yearbook photos yes?

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