Wife and Daughter, 7/23/15

Both pictures taken today. 

There’s some family resemblance there, I think.

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  1. John Hedtke – Eugene, OR – John Hedtke (www.hedtke.com) is the author of 26 books and a couple hundred magazine articles. He does disaster recovery and business consulting for public and private companies. John has several blogs, notably "Hey, kids! Become an author at home in your spare time and earn big bucks!" (tradebookauthor.com) for would-be authors. He is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication. John lives in Eugene, OR, with his wife, their youngest daughter, and 4 cats. (Follow him: @johnhedtke).
    John Hedtke


  2. John Samuel – Australia – An anime fan from the dim, dark, days of synopses and fifth generation VHS copies. I write a range of reviews at "Pirates of the Burley Griffin", check the blog for more.
    John Samuel

    Lovely photos.

  3. Julayn – Melbourne, Australia – Author of Almana, a young adult post-apocalyptic paranormal romance. Almana is the first book in a planned trilogy with book two coming soon. Julayn is also the owner of Angel Press Publishing. You'll also find me here posting reviews on books that I read! I'm a bookaholic with no interest in recovery! Young Adult, Crime, Mystery, Heartwarming, Paranormal... Well, you get the point. I post my book reviews on my blog, Facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon. I also Tweet :)


  4. Tell Krissy congratulations on her breakthrough successful cloning. Cracks me up whenever I see a parent who has apparently reproduced parthenogenetically.

  5. Dave Higgins – Bristol, United Kingdom – Dave Higgins writes speculative fiction, often with a dark edge. Despite forays into the mundane worlds of law and IT, he was unable to completely escape the liminal zone between mystery and horror. Born in the least mystically significant part of Wiltshire, England, and raised by a librarian, he started reading shortly after birth and has not stopped since. He currently lives in Bristol with his wife Nicola, Una cat, a plush altar to the Dark Lord Cthulhu, and many shelves of books. It’s rumoured he writes out of a fear that he will otherwise run out of things to read. Discover more here: http://davehigginspublishing.co.uk
    Dave Higgins

    Is Athena’s ability to drain the colour from her surroundings inherited, or a new phenomenon?

  6. There’s a lot of family resemblance :). Tho I think Krissy has the more dramatic cheekbones.

  7. Kudos to Luis for the correct use of a eight syllable word meaning asexual reproduction, I love the comments here!

    And now for bonus points: name the 80’s pop song that uses ‘parthenogenesis’ correctly in its lyric.

  8. Hmm.. there is some vague kinda sorta almost resemblance.. almost. Well resemblance to you. If I say the two ladies in person I’d pretty much know they were parent/child off the bat. You, not so much. But maybe for us guys that ain’t a bad thing after all. :-) Not that much resemblance to their dads for either of my nieces, despite the fact that my sister (second mother) and brother (best friend) are two of the greatest people I know. The nieces take after the female halves of the parental pairs. :-)

  9. Jeebus, man, if your kid’s sense of humor and writing wasn’t yours, I’d think you had nothing to do with Athena. plus, Krissy’s hair is beautiful. My family doesn’t grey so easily. dang

  10. matildathemoonraker – California – Matilda. Don't over think me. I don't actually know how to play games and no one has ever explained the rules to me. I am honest with myself and that's more than most can say. I hate "chick-flicks" sometimes without a good reason, mostly because they are deplorable and epically pathetic...with a few exceptions. I won't remember your birthday, our anniversary, your middle name, your favorite color, or your password...but I will remember how you make me feel. I will wish I could remember all those things and sometimes I do...it doesn't mean I like you best...I just got lucky. I hate birthday presents and Christmas presents too but I like presents, I like to give...just don't make it feel like an obligation or it takes all the fun out of it for me. Seriously? I want to write. I want to quit worrying about if I am doing it all wrong. I don't mind the voices in my head but they need an outlet. So if you're here, reading any of this you are in my head a little. I promise I'd have a little more couth in person, a little more grace. At least I'd like to think I would. I've just come to the realization that so many of us are happy with mundane. It's time to break out of mediocre and half-assed and compliance for the sake of being safe, keeping everyone else from being uncomfortable. I'm a little tired of all your rules that serve no purpose in actually making me a better person or the world a better place. I am excited about art, writing, secrets, running, being in nature, alone in nature, almost anything naked, people who are in touch with their passions, I admit that I have been seduced by romance or the promise of it at least once. Lastly, I want to know all of it, how we came to be, how you came to be, what makes things true. Who the hell are you, who the hell am I and what is the meaning of life. Ha!

    Both are beauties!

  11. Ya think? :-)

    (I very strongly resemble my dad, especially when I have a beard, as I did last week. We were hanging out, and someone approached us and asked if we were siblings, or father and son. When I was fifteen and he was forty, that was a compliment. Now that I’m 36 and he’s 62, it’s still a compliment, but only for him…)

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