New Books and ARCs, 7/24/15

As we head into the weekend, a baker’s dozen of new books and ARCs for your delectation. Any of these books make you hungry to read? Share your thoughts in the comments!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Mieville I feel has been creeping deeper into the sort of literary equivalent of onanistic navel-gazing that swallowed Alan Moore some years ago; a sort of reification/worship/obsession with writing as an art and an artform over writing as entertainment. In Mieville’s case I became disenchanted several books ago. So I can’t say I’d pick up this latest.

Jemisin I trust to produce something entertaining enough; I enjoyed the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms books (although I found whatsisface in /The Killing Moon/ so annoying I never picked up the second Dreamblood book).

Delany I’ve never really been able to get into; the same with Hines. In Delany’s case it may just be that by the time I came across him his work seemed dated. The others I don’t know well enough to pass judgment upon.

@Erin: Yep, new series, new world.

@Fletcher: Second Dreamblood book focuses on different POV characters for the most part — there’s nobody who would qualify as a “his” from the first book, anyway — though I can’t promise that you, personally, would find the new characters pleasant.

N. K. Jemsin is an author on my list to start reading, but if I had to pick one…. Without a doubt it would be the Delany, which I HAVE to read!

I’m reading the Mieville at the moment, and it’s extraordinarily good. Short stories, each of which is bending my brain in amazing ways, and at least half of which I wish were full length novels.
That said, I’m really looking forward to the Hines too.

Oh, squee! New Mieville, Jemisin, and Khanna! I’m not super into tie-in books, so I’ll probably give Hines a pass, though with enough praise, I might give it a shot. I do really enjoy his stuff, after all.

@lawduck: Honestly, that depends on you. She hasn’t got any interminable million-book-long serieses, so that kind of logistical problem isn’t really a thing! You basically have three options until Fifth Season comes out:

* her short fiction, which you can browse via the bibliography on her website (it has links)
* her Hundred Kingdoms trilogy, for fantasy with a more classically epic feel — gods! mortals! love! revenge! the fate of the world!
* the two Dreamblood books, for a *slightly* smaller scale (city-states rather than, y’know, the entire universe) and hella moral ambiguity

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