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The Big Idea: Wesley Chu

Time Travel! It’s a thing in science fiction. But after all this time, and time-travel stories, what is the thing about time travel that can still make it fresh for readers? In Time Salvager, author Wesley Chu thinks he’s got a wrinkle in time travel. What is it? Read on below. WESLEY CHU: Remember that […]

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Starred Review of The End of All Things in Publishers Weekly

Well, this is a nice way to start the week: Publishers Weekly give TEoAT a starred review, which means they find the novel especially notable. Along with calling it “polished and powerful,” they also note: Scalzi knows just how to satisfy his fans, providing tense, thrilling action scenes while turning a critical eye on the interstellar […]

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Happy Fourth of July

For the Americans: Enjoy yourself, keep your pets from freaking out and try to get through the day with all or at least most of your fingers still on your body. Everyone else: Uh, we Americans are gonna mostly be drunk and setting off fireworks for much of the day. You maybe want to stay out […]

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Neil and the Bear: Perhaps Not a Children’s Book After All

Once upon a time, an author looked out the window of his writing shack. The things you see when you look out of the window of your writing cabin. 3 in a series (previously: deer, chipmunks) — Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) July 2, 2015 @neilhimself Neil, I've had a lot happen this year. You're not […]

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The Big Idea: S.K. Dunstall

There’s what we know, and what we used to know — and sometimes the latter might be more valuable than the former. What does this have to do with the new novel, Linesman? S.K. Dunstall, the author(s), is ready to explain. S.K. DUNSTALL:  Two images—neither of which made it into Linesman —were precursors to this book. […]

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The Big Idea: John G. Hartness

Sometimes the band breaks up and the members go solo — but is the resulting music triumphant or discordant? Ask John Hartness, because in In the Still of the Knight, the latest installment of his Black Knight Chronicles, the band breaks up, so to speak… and the tone changes. JOHN G. HARTNESS: What do you […]

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