Lock In Paperback Release Day + Tour Reminders + Other Stuff

Hey! I have things to say!

* First, today is the release day for the Lock In paperback (and associated eBook), so if you’ve been waiting for the novel to be released in this cheaper, more compact form, this is the day and you should get to it immediately and avoid the rush. You hate the rush! I know that about you. It also makes a lovely gift. Please buy it, is what I’m saying. Mortgage, etc. You know.

* Second, a reminder that on this day next week the hardcover of The End of All Things is released and I begin my book tour, starting in Memphis, Tennessee, thence to Raleigh, Athens, Lexington and many other cities in these fine United States of America (the link above lists them all). As previously promised, I will be reading new and exclusive material on the tour, which you will not be able to hear if you do not come to the tour stops, plus other bits. It will be fun and you will have a good time. Please come and bring along every single other person you have ever met in your life.

* Speaking of The End of All Things, here’s a fine review of it in the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi and Fantasy blog. “John Scalzi delivers a rollicking good time,” it declares. And it’s true! I think I am well known for delivering the rollick. And yes, “rollick” is an actual word. You can look it up.

* Still on the subject of The End of All Things, a note regarding the electronic release of the extra, alternate chapter included in the print edition of the book (and I believe the compiled electronic edition of the novel): It’ll be released electronically — and for free — a couple of weeks after the release of the hardcover. So if you purchased the episodes, you’ll still get the extra stuff. Free! Promise.

* A quick plug for a book I am associated with: The fabulous and multiply award-winning and nominated Paul Cornell’s short story collection A Better Way to Die came out yesterday here in the US and the UK (Amazon links there), and is well worth your time. I’m associated with it because I wrote the introduction. If you like good science fiction and fantasy — and I suspect you might! — then this is a short story collection you want to know about.

And with that I’m off, to sign a big ol’ stack of books for people who pre-ordered The End of All Things through Subterranean Press. See you all tomorrow.

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  1. I’ve pre-ordered TEoAT on Audible and am almost patiently waiting for the release. I suppose there is work to keep me busy until then, and I should be able to finish the book in front of it in the queue. Saw the picture of the books you’ll be signing. I presume it will be followed by icing down your hand! Thanks for all you do!

  2. “Please buy it, is what I’m saying. Mortgage, etc. You know” – $3.4 million, I think you have it covered already.
    Anyway, already have the HB version but congrats on the PB release.

  3. This seems like one of those ironic Greek-myth style punishments. Those of us too impatient to wait and read your work whole and so order it serially are forced to wait for the extra chapter. I still don’t get why the punishment, but I guess I can appreciate a dose of irony.

  4. Are you still doing that thing were I can call a bookstore in Ohio (Jay and Mary’s Book Center) and pre-order the book, and you’ll stop by and sign it before they entrust it to the postal service? Or are all signed copies coming through Subterranean Press?

  5. Yay, thanks for coming to Memphis! We are looking forward to it, and will try and bring some others along for the fun.

  6. Thank you so much for this post. It reminded me to pre-order End through the local independent bookstore and also alerted me to your tour. Looking forward to hearing you read.

  7. So I thought I had pre-ordered TEoAT, but it turns out I didn’t. Have remedied that now. I was going to get the ebook version — because, really, this house is probably going to trigger some sort of fault line if we put another book in it. But the mighty/evil (delete as needed) Amazon is selling the brand spiffy new hardcover for four cents LESS than the ebook, and said ebook is the same price everywhere. !!! and WTF. Using John as a loss leader I guess; ditto the new Millhone book X is for Xsomething.

    So I apologize to bookstores, but since there aren’t any stores in my town or the adjacent two that actually sell new books, I’m gonna go with the $11.95 price. The ‘Zon says I’ll actually have it on hand Tuesday, along with some cat food, so the household will be happy (If elderly kitty ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy).

  8. How odd – I bought my copy of Locked In through Amazon a few months ago and have read it on my Kindle and Kindle Fire 4x, cover to cover. Hoping there will be sequels:
    1. Perhaps a Threep to a tank-like construction machine (much like the Bolo series of past years), asuming that the connection doesn’t need to be humaniform.
    2. What mods needed for a Threep to be able to function in vacuum – would be an invaluable aid to spacewalks in near or high-earth environments.
    3. Potentials for Locked-Ins to be transported to a lunar environment (low gravity = fewer bedsores), thus eliminating the 2-second delay in lightspeed communications with earth.
    4. Can a Threep controller be multi-task to control multiple ‘dumb’ machines, only taking over when the situation changes (thinking of the I, Robot short story of the robot controlling other, lower-level robots)
    Basta (enough!)

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