Ex’s & Oh’s

This is a fun song I’ve been hearing on the radio recently as I’ve been doing my travels. The video’s a little silly, but no less silly, I suppose, than many other videos have ever been. And the song is super-catchy in any event. Enjoy.

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  1. I just heard this song for the first time a few days ago and immediately had to Shazam it. VERY catchy, indeed.

  2. A couple of the guys are super cute, but I think we have different tastes in music.

  3. I’ve been enjoying this for awhile now, especially the carnival shooting gallery version of the video.

  4. I agree with Bridgett Ellis. You see lots of videos with male leads surrounded by scores of barely clothed women. Nice to see a reciprocal video w/ a female lead surrounded by scores of barely clothed men! And it is very catchy. I can see that I’ll have to buy 2 copies…a video for me, and audio only for my daughter!

  5. This song was all over HBO’s ad for HBO Now back in the early summer. I first heard it while watching the Cricket World Cup on ESPN and, like Beej above, immediately put Shazam to work. Fun song and fun video, even if the hunks of beefcake make me feel most inadequate. Time to put my gym membership to work!!

  6. Heard this on the radio the other night, and had to go out and buy it, because: love.

    It’s now on the Aggressive And Purposeful Eyeliner Application playlist.

  7. The video only cements my initial thoughts that this was a ripoff attempt at the style of theme music of True Blood.

  8. I love this song. It’s fun, which seems to be harder to find than it used to be.

    Rob Schneider, huh?

  9. She did a promo for the local radio station that was hilarious. I forget the exact words, but is was basically “You’ll like 94.7 and this somg. Or else.” She pulled it off very well.
    And, yes, a very catchy song!

  10. Like the song John. I am always looking for new music videos so thanks.

    I like the Everett song as well. He reminds me of Roy Orbison. And I was a big True Blood fan.

    Here is one I have had for a bit now that I just stumbled on it. It’s by Train. My son who likes Train had not heard it till I sent it to him:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSBFehvLJDc&w=560&h=315%5D

  11. That’s a catchy song indeed. I don’t listen to a lot of music, but another one that caught my eye is Postmodern Jukebox’s cover of “All About That Bass”.

  12. Elle King is amazing. I caught her live show a couple a weeks ago and she’s a ridiculously engaging, charismatic performer.

    I do prefer the first version of the Ex’s and Oh’s video, myself.

  13. I just heard the promo I was struggling to quote earlier, more or less, “Thanks 94.7 for being the first Portland radio station to play my song Exs & Ohs. I hope you like it. Or I’ll come find you.” Delivered deadpan with perfect timing. It made me literally LOL :-)

  14. “Meh.”

    So somebody says on their blog they like something, and you think it’s a good use of your time to add this? No content or addition to the thread, just expressing your dislike?

    Not every thought you have needs to leave the comfort of your head.

  15. I had to YouTube ‘Stray Cat Strut’ by The Stray Cats and Chris Isaac’s ‘Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing’ to confirm my memory that this is a sound that has been around a long long time. (And Yeah! for that) I think it’s all the lovely field of Rockabilly, for which there is a Wikipedia entry with enough links to while away a weekend. Thanks for the heads up on this video, John.

  16. Thanks, I think I’m gonna have to add that to my collection. In my head I see this being sung in a slightly seedy, smoke filled bar/night club.

    @Jake, thanks for the reminder on Stray Cat Strut… been ages since I heard it.

  17. The song’s catchy enough. But am I wrong in thinking that it’s about how much fun it is to break other people’s hearts? That doesn’t seem very nice.

    I do wish someone had told her that plurals should almost never use apostrophes. More likely someone told her the opposite, which gives me a sad.

  18. Came to comment about Rob Schneider paternity, saw that I’ve already been scooped, now have to settle for simply saying I dig this song, regardless of the lyrics or her grammatical choices in the title.

  19. Caught her live just a couple weeks ago, despite this not being one of my normal genres of music. She’s a very talented and energetic performer (same goes for her band). It felt much more authentic than many gigs I’ve been to. If you like smoky bluesy rock, you could do worse than a live Elle King gig.

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