“The Dispatcher” — DONE!

Hey, I finished a new writing project today!

It’s 23,000 words long, which means it’s a novella.

It’s called “The Dispatcher.”

And it’s —

wait for it

— urban fantasy.


Also? It’s pretty good.

Also also? Done before the deadline, which is tomorrow. Which is good because on Tuesday I start a three week book tour, and speaking from experience, writing fiction while traveling suuuuuuuuuuks.

When will you get to read it?

Well, that’s just it. You won’t. At least, not for a while. Because I wrote it for Audible. Which means it’s going to be an audiobook first. And then, later, we’ll bring it to print.

So when will you get to hear it?

That’s up to Audible. But the plan, as I understand it, is to have it out later in the year.

BUT! There’s a loophole to this. Which is, if you come see me on tour, and only if you come see me on tour, then you’ll get to hear me read the first chapter of “The Dispatcher.” Now you have a reason to come see me on tour! I mean, another reason. Yeah.

Anyway: Hooray! I’m done. Now to rest my wrists, eat celebratory sushi, and then sleep for ten hours or so.

35 Comments on ““The Dispatcher” — DONE!”

  1. Congratulations! Based on your recent tweets about this, that’s a hell of a lot to write in such a short time. O_o I’m not much of an audiobook person, so I’ll look forward to seeing this in print. I’ve only read your sci-fi work, so I’m very interested in seeing what you do with urban fantasy.

  2. SCAAAALZIIII!! YOU AND YOUR ACCURSED INDUCEMENTS!!!! <shakes fist>. I would harangue you for making me drive from Union all the way to Beavercreek for the Dayton event, except, well, I know that Bradford’s another 15min yet farther away. So.

  3. Hey, this is exciting! I love shorter fiction on audio. I don’t suppose you know who will be performing the book?

  4. Related to what the other Jennifer before me asked, and just because I’ve always wondered. Do authors ever read their own books for audio versions? Do authors have a say in who (if not them) performs the audio version? Or is it left totally up to Audible/the publisher?

  5. When you write something to be published first in audio do you think of it as a sort of radio play?

    I look forward to hearing a bit in a few weeks.

  6. Which is all well and good, except from what I recall you are going to be NOWHERE NEAR Spartanburg, SC so I’m shit outta luck on hearing you read.

    On the other hand… ..!., for not being anywhere near my part of Upstate South Carolina. LOL Congrats, I hope the story goes well for you.

  7. Celebratory sushi for finishing a project?

    I’m obviously in the wrong profession.

    P.S. I have no doubt whatsoever that you write awesome urban fantasy now when are you going to write that SF romantic comedy okay thanks!

  8. Congratulations!

    I’ll have to wait until it comes out in print; audiobooks feel so slow to me it’s excruciating. But this definitely gives me something for which to look forward!

  9. Oooh.

    For non-USA fans, could we have not a chapter, but maybe a teaser? Urban fantasy?

    Call Centre Operative?
    Pizza Delivery OP, a la Snow Crash?

    Some of us need a little guidance in these matters. Or just tit-bits.

    Oh, and please don’t eat sushi, unless it’s very much ocean goodness approved. If nothing else, the mercury warping your noodle is not a great future bet!


  10. Yeah, you are bypassing my little corner of hell so I guess I have to wait for the print edition . . . .tapping my foot checking watch . . .

  11. Ok, I heard Neil Gaiman read the first two chapters of Anansi Boys at Worldcon in Boston, and then I had to wait THREE MORE YEARS to read the rest of the bloody book. I hate teasers. Grumble, gripe, bitch…

  12. Congrats!

    So, I’m curious. Did knowing that this was going to be an audiobook first affect the writing process? Did you find yourself thinking about how the words would sound out loud more than usual? Do you think there might be small bits that would have come out differently if you had been writing primarily for print?

  13. Cool! I’ve really been into Urban fantasy in the past, but recently I haven’t really read any really good ones in while. It ill be good to get back into it.

  14. In the spirit of your work with Jim Hines mocking cover tropes, will be we seeing a cover shot of Scalzi in a twisty T ‘n’ A pose holding a sword in a black midriff baring outfit with a lower back tattoo? Holding a uke instead of a sword would be an acceptable alternate, given the raging double neck photo.

  15. Wil Wheaton is good. I am listening to Amber Benson read Lock In and she is also good.

    I usually hate when authors attempt to read their own fiction. I don’t even like King doing it although some fans seem to like him.

    My favorite urban fantasy narrator is James Marsters. Butcher keeps him somewhat busy but I am sure he must read for others.

  16. I’d be more than happy to come see you n tour, but sadly you’re touring on the wrong continent, indeed in the wrong hemisphere.

  17. Celebratory sushi.

    I treated myself to sushi in celebration of this or that, but have never heard it referred to in this manner.

    Do you have any particular favorites you’d care to share? I’m partial to Unagi…

  18. I’m deaf, so will have to wait for the printed version :( . Why is it going to audiobook first? – is this a new thing?

  19. The actual meaning of the title will likely determine whether or not I can listen to the Audible version. Decades as a college dispatcher have conditioned my adrenaline levels to shoot skyward whenever I hear 911 recordings on the news, so I may wind up waiting for the print version.

  20. The End of All Things will be my only print edition book purchase since Red Shirts. I reserved it last week from the Poison Pen in Scottsdale, so you didn’t have to go to all this extra trouble, but I’m glad you did. See you there (I’ll be the stalkerish looking old woman in the front row).

  21. So….

    At 10,000 words a day, you should be done with your new Tor contract before next Christmas?

    What do you mean, it’ll take 10 years? Slacker ;)

  22. I am thrilled to hear you’re writing another stand alone novella. I was only reading novellas and shorter for awhile, due to time constraints and my tendency to binge read. My kids are getting older and my work life has changed enough that I once again have time for more full length books… But now I’m sort of addicted to short form writing, so I keep reading it AND reading the full length things. I was excited to see Tor moving towards publishing more novellas, too. I am happy to scout around for good things from self-publishers and micropresses, but I think it is good news that the more established publishing companies are doing more in this area.

  23. Yaay! Urban fantasy has become my favorite genre over the past few years and I couldn’t be much happier that you tried your hand in this. I also prefer audiobooks since I love listening to books while I walk to work, so you just became my ‘favoriter’ author, if there is such a thing :)

  24. Like Sooz, I will be waiting for print (I’m not HOH or HA, but I do have very cranky ears).

    I’m hoping this UF will have humor and not the stereotypical wangst-ridden tattooed leather babe.

    Meanwhile, I will be keeping an eye on the front door so as to snipe the Amazon delivery of TEoAT which they promise promise promise will be here tomorrow before 8 PM. Also, I’m expecting some Vitamin Water Zero, so we’ll see whether I get hydrated or literate first.

  25. Congrats! I love Audible, so I’m looking forward to hearing it from them in due time. :)

  26. Audible kinda sucks for deaf people like me. I guess you could always release it in ASL as I’m sure it will be released in other languages, right?

  27. I nearly always only listen to audiobooks of books I’ve read (a form of re-reading), but I kinda think you’d be great at urban fantasy (despite it not being my typical read – I do like some!) – so I’m definitely intrigued. :-D

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