View From a Hotel Window, 8/11/15: Memphis

This part of Tennessee is apparently quite lush. 

Reminder to everyone: Tonight! I will be at The Booksellers at Laurelwood! Event starts at 6:30pm. Don’t be late! You’ll miss the puppet show!

(Note: There will not actually be a puppet show. Sorry).

Tomorrow: Raleigh and Quail Ridge Books. There are a lot of reasons I really like North Carolina. You could be one of them.

20 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 8/11/15: Memphis”

  1. (Note: There will not actually be a puppet show. Sorry).

    You could have just claimed that we were late and missed the puppet show.

  2. I’m making my third annual Scalzi pilgrimage down the mountain from Boone to Raleigh tomorrow. Looking forward to a day of massage, good eating (probably Crook’s Corner), wasting an afternoon at the Bookshop of Chapel Hill, and an evening of Scalzi. Please keep coming to NC every year; you give me a great excuse to get off the mountain and do fun stuff! :)

  3. And a week from tomorrow Scalzi will be in Seattle. It sure would be nice if someone brought a tuned uke so Scalzi could sing some space ditty’s the troops would sing on the way to battle. But probably won’t happen.

  4. No puppets? That’s it, I’m not going then! (Of course being four states away has nothing to do with it.)

  5. So what is the demonym for Memphis? I’ve heard ‘Memphians’, but I don’t believe it. *I* think it should be ‘Memphissians’.

  6. @RabbiAdar: I think you were “fixin’ to mildew”, in the local terminology.

    It is a damp place, but the people and food are lovely. I wanted to tell the people to stop being so nice on my first visit at fifteen. I simply couldn’t handle all that genuine friendliness and polite manners at that age.

  7. Memphis is pretty darn green…actually most all of Tennessee is green. Even the farm-y parts are green (unless it is corn right now or cotton in October). And yes, it would be “fixin’ to mildew” but if you were here, you would have already mildewed! Lucky the signin’ was on a low humidity day.

  8. Agreement with Lurker; I’m a transplanted NYC person now living abroad in an even larger city. I have to work HARD at not snarling at friendly people; I mean. really. How sick is that?

    Hope you’re having fun, Mr. S. Wish I were there.

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