View From a Hotel Window, 8/13/15: Atlanta

Parking lots are beautiful, man. My event tonight is in Athens, GA, but my hotel room is in Atlanta, in part because it’ll be easier to get to the airport in the morning this way. Ah, tour logistics!

As noted, my event tonight is in Athens, Georgia, and although it’s being hosted by the fabulous Avid bookshop, it will be taking place at the very nearly Cine Athens theater. All the details are here; show starts at 7pm.

Tomorrow (Friday): I will be in Lexington, at Joseph-Beth booksellers. These are awesome folks and it’s going to an awesome time. Again, at 7pm. Please come and bring all your friends, most of your family, and also that one guy you just sort of tolerate.

13 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 8/13/15: Atlanta”

  1. Interesting how you are not going to Iowa or New Hampshire. It’s like you are not even trying to get the republican nomination.

  2. I hope you enjoy Athens. I have family who lives near there, and it’s a beautiful place. The freeway route is straightforward, but I found the back-road drive from Atlanta to Athens to be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and discover a little bit more of Georgia.

  3. “taking place at the very nearly Cine Athens theater”
    Nearly a theater? If it works real hard, one day it could make it to the show.

    /yes, we know you probably meant nearby

  4. Staying in Buckhead – not a bad compromise between Athens and the ATL airport. :) I’m sorry you didn’t do one in Atlanta, proper… didn’t think I could convince the family to let me escape for an add’l 3 hours of travel time. (90 mins each way) Enjoy the land of the Bulldogs, tho!

  5. I can picture me as a rural-born teenager, newly arrived in the big city, and everyday I’d look at that view of man-made plains and slabs and cars and my heart would burst and my lungs would sigh, “How wonderfully beautiful, my America.” (Other: Don’t you prefer nature? Me: No, I’m a science fiction fan—and hey, this is my America)

  6. I work two blocks from your hotel!!! Buckhead is very nice, although the traffic drives me nutty. Actually, ALL Atlanta traffic drives me nutty.

  7. Memphis and Atlanta are two of the four cities in the U.S with giant pandas. Our family’s goal is to visit all four before my daughter is old enough to lose interest in pandas. We only have San Diego left.

  8. Went to your event last night and sat on the front row. Your reading and presentation was fantastic and now that I understand what is meant by urban fantasy, I may buy that coming novella. You were very kind and gracious to us fans. I appreciate you letting take a picture of you and me. Old Man’s War is a special book to me as it’s one of my goto books when I am down/blue/whatever. I have read it at least 10 times in the past three years. I am so glad you will know have the cash to pay off your mortgage. Keep writing John and I will keep buying.

  9. John, what a pleasure it was to escort you around Atlanta and Athens for the past couple of days. Your presentation in Athens was incredibly funny and entertaining — a perfect reflection of your personality. Best of luck to you on the remainder of your tour . . . and I hope to see you the next time you are in the Atlanta area.

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