View From a Hotel Window, 8/14/15: Lexington

Another very fine parking lot. Which, you know, is perfectly fine with me, actually. I don’t demand gracious views from my hotels. I want a nice bed, a distinct lack of bedbugs and/or soiled linens, and an Internet connection. Everything else is optional. Also this hotel has the distinct advantage of being a minute’s walk from tonight’s event venue, which is pretty great. I’ve stayed here before. Can recommend.

On the subject of the “views from a hotel window,” I am occasionally asked if I’m ever worried that people will be able to stalk me with the pictures. No, not really. One, I have a lock on my hotel door. Two, it’s not like I’m the Beatles or One Direction. Hordes of screaming fans are not hovering in the lobby and needing to be dispersed by an exasperated cop or anything. I’m fine, really. Most of my fans are delightfully polite and save their moments of squee for the events. Which is the right place for it.

Speaking of which: Tonight, Joseph-Beth Lexington, 7pm. Come on by, we’re gonna have some fun. All the tour stops so far have been excellent and Lexington is always a great place for an event. If you’re in Lexington or the near environs, I hope to see you there.

Tomorrow: Cleveland/Westlake, 2pm at the Barnes & Noble. I don’t frequently get to northeast Ohio, so if you want to see me there, tomorrow will be the time. And place! Come on up. Cleveland rocks.

8 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 8/14/15: Lexington”

  1. That’s a pleasingly symmetrical view I must say, with a fair amount of greenery.
    All in all, that’s a far nicer parking lot than the previous one.

  2. I’d also put a clean, private bathroom high on the list of hotel room requirements. Nice to have is a shower that is tall enough for me to stand up in.

  3. Kinda fun following you along on the tour. See you when you get to Phoenix. 😀

  4. Doing a book and beer (currently using the free wifi at Country Boy) tour of Lexington before the signing. See you later tonight.

  5. But you didn’t post a picture of Raleigh hotel view…worried about stalkers there?

  6. If I ever have the good fortune to meet you in person, I promise to squee with the utmost of decorum, if for no other reason than my wife will likely be there as well, and she’d be peeved if I discomfited the artiste who taped bacon to a cat (yes, not kidding, this is how she knows you).

    Also, strategically speaking, you move to quickly for stalking (I assume), and you have a crack shot archer and spear carrier living with you at your home base. I’m just saying, if I were prone to stalking, I’d pick softer targets….like @nielhimself….

    PS ~ JK, Mr. Gaiman. Amanda Palmer is totes bad-ass!

  7. Admit it. You post pictures of parking lots because you are secretly a shill for the auto industry!

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