View From a Delta Sky Club, 8/16/15: Detroit

It’s not a hotel window. It is, however, in a sense, a view of a parking lot.

Today: I’ll be in Lansing, Michigan, at Schuler Books & Music, at 4pm. A good time will be had! By me, at least. And hopefully, you too.

Tomorrow: I’ll be in lovely Madison, Wisconsin, for an event at the Madison Central Library, presented by A Room of One’s Own. That’ll be at 7pm. Plan your life around it!

Update: 2:07pm: In Lansing now. And the view from my window? You guessed it!

Parking lots are awesome.

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  1. Hmmm.. the parking lot in Lexington is still the highlight of the tour for me. You should really come to Spartanburg, SC. We have lovely, busy parking lots here. Not that you’ll hit a small county like us. :-( ever. In the history of ever ever.;-)

  2. Most views from most affordable hotels are gonna be parking lots. I mean, your average small-city Days Inn has 360-parking lots around the building. *all* the views are parking lots.

  3. Your hoteliers will be reading your blog, of course, and they will all be thinking: ‘hmm, which rooms have got *really good* parking lot views’ :).

  4. The Lansing parking lot is the winner for me so far. I love how the trees are placed. Can’t wait to see the other parking lots on your tour. (Your blog is so exciting.)

  5. Pave paradise…

    (Just finished End of All Things — it was thoroughly cromulent)

  6. Just read Locked In (yeah, I know I am late to the dance but I have this damn stack of books that instead of getting smaller as I read gets bigger). I’d like to read a sequel, it seems to me there are a couple of characters there that have plenty of story yet to tell to say nothing of learning what the impact of Abrams-Kettering will be for the Hadens & if any of those treatments work out. Get on that in your free time, OK? Thanks for making a 4 hour flight actually enjoyable.

  7. I was in Halifax the night before last. I stayed in a dorm of St Mary’s University (I’m cheap.) My view was of the roof of the Tim Hortons attached to the dorm.

    I’m reading The End of All Things and I have a question. After the falling out of Earth and the Colonial Union, the CU lost its source of soldiers. Why? They have all of those records of people that they’ve planted into new bodies. Could they re-use them, at least the ones that have died already. Did they not save a copy? Seems wasteful. They would have to explain to the new recruits why several years have passed since they were inducted. Or they could use people from the established colonies.

  8. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s parking lot, to see if I can recognize it. Oh, and also to seeing you at the Mad City library tomorrow after work, I suppose.

  9. Had a great time at the reading/signing today! Could you post the rest of the AOL clips. I am high school teacher and am interested in your advice to them…

  10. You should stay at the Edgewater when you get to Seattle. If it was good enough for the Beatles, it should be good enough for you. I’d like to see what kind of “parking lot” photo you would take there

  11. Thanks for coming to Lansing! I loved it and my wife (a devoted member of the “I-love-harry-potter-and-GoT-but-won’t-read-sf/f” crowd thought the part of it she caught was fantastic as well.

    Thanks again!

  12. That’s actually a pretty nice photograph. Interesting composition, a bit of a sense of mystery with the deep shadows, and just enough details in the outside, almost like a sketch. Even the vertical lines are properly lined up. Technique is good.

  13. OMG, I can’t believe you were actually in LANSING (who comes to Lansing? Nobody, ever!!) and I missed this. :weeps: