My Sasquan Schedule

It’s here. I’m doing five events: A reading, a signing, two panels and a kaffeklatche. I’m only there on Friday and Saturday, however, so if you’re looking for me before or after then, I regret to say it will be in vain. I’ll be in Seattle on Wednesday, Boise on Thursday, and Fort Collins on Sunday. The tour. You know.

Also, when you click through, you will see my name presented without capital letters. This is an error made when I bought a membership. I have not suddenly become precious about this.

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  1. Capital idea, better than decapitation. I’ll be there Wed afternoon through Saturday. Skipping Hugo ceremony, probably, Skipping Sunday. Pitching a technothriller trilogy with TV Pilot and Screenplay options. Hope we all have fun, hang with old friends, and advance our sales…

  2. I was hoping the timing would work out, so that I could attend, but Murphy has had his way, and my new position started today instead of next Monday, so I am trapped on the western side of the mountains for at least the next 60 days. Perhaps I’ll finally get to one of your readings, though. I’m not going to plan for it, because that always ends in tears and recriminations. I’ve been Scalzi-jinxed too many times to make actual plans to see you read, anymore.

  3. Jonathon, I know David Gerrold and the Hugo Ceremony staff have been working very hard to make it a good event in spite of the difficulties (because, in part, David roped me in to help prepare some stuff for it).
    I’d urge everyone to honor the efforts of the show staff and not skip it if they would normally attend.

  4. How did the nice german word “Kaffeeklatsch” lose the “s” and gain the “e” at the end? Tz,Tz, you ‘muricans are endlessly amusing :P

  5. Have fun at Sasquan. Your signing time has an interesting combination of people. The Writing about Contoversies panel should be interesting. From the little I’ve heard the Hugo ceremony should be fun and of course the results will be interesting given the puppy controversy and record number of voters.

    Remember to take some time to just relax/downtime as I expect the tour combined with Worldcon has to be exhausting.

    Maybe you’ll bump into my good friend Crystal Huff. Helsinki 2017! I hear their party is going to be lots of fun as usual.

  6. I can’t believe I missed Charlie when he came to my work place last week. I’ll come see you on Wednesday!

  7. Kevin Roche : I am very much on the side David Gerrold and the Hugo Show staff, and other people working hard as volunteers. It’s a medical issue, but I prefer to discuss that only with medical staff. Also, one of my dogs is just back from the veterinary hospital after surgical repair of broken ulna, and my wife already works more than fulltime as Chair of the Department of Sciences at a university, and I must get home to do my shift with the injured puppy Pluto (who is groggy from a fentanyl patch) and in a cast. I have friends on all sides of the major controversies in Hugos and apologies and so forth. Thank you for standing up for good people!

  8. JVP — are you saying that it’s a sick puppy that’s causing you to miss the Hugo ceremony? How very convenient. Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I hope you and Pluto are on the mend very soon.

  9. sorry, I couldn’t stay for Sasquan/WorldCon….we had a mini-con in Spokane with some friends….but I left on Thursday (drove from Spokane back to Sidney, OH in about 1-1/2 days…..)

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