View From a Hotel Window, 8/20/15: Boise

Parking lot in the foreground, state capital in the background. Basically, this view has got it all.

Tonight! I am at the Boise Downtown Library! (I understand it has an exclamation point in its name) at 7pm, with the event sponsored by The Rediscovered Bookstore. I’m very excited, because this is my first time in Boise and my first time in Idaho. So I hope you’ll come out and welcome me to your state and city.

Tomorrow and Saturday: Sasquan bound! Here’s my schedule there in case you missed it earlier. I sincerely hope it is not consumed by fire before I arrive.

17 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 8/20/15: Boise”

  1. It’s killing me that you’re three hours away from me and I am stuck here at work and can’t make it. I hope you’re happy . :)

    Boise isn’t bad as far as cities go, but I prefer living up here in the mountains. One thing we have going for us is scenery – Idaho is gorgeous if you like mountains and head north of Boise.

  2. John, are you going to publish a coffee-table book with pictures of parking lots on glossy paper?

    I can see a parking lot out the window even as we speak. So many parking lots, so little time…

  3. On vacation in the hinterlands of Wisconsin and finished End of All Things sitting at a campfire early yesterday evening. Thoroughly enjoyed it, as I have pretty much all the OMW series (which I only discovered about a year ago, for some reason). Pretty sure I strained an eyeball reading by campfire. Either that or some ash flew into it and I blinked too late.

  4. Hope you enjoyed your short time here in Boise! I sure enjoyed the event myself (I even went in to work late just so I could hang out :) )

  5. Thanks for coming to Boise, John! My sons and I enjoyed your readings. Please come back some time with the family and go on a rafting trip, it’s very pretty up-state.

  6. Ah Mark, an open fire and a Scalzi book: Could it get any better? Actually, it could: You could have had your fire in an oil barrel, in a parking lot.

  7. John, thank you again for coming to Boise, I really did enjoy your talk. Sorry about the heat and all of the smoke. You really didn’t see us at our best. I also hope that you can come back to Boise sometime when the air is a little more breathable. You know, in another life you could very probably have had quite a successful career doing standup!

  8. Boise’s a nice town; back in the 90s and early 00s I had a couple of different customers up there so I was occasionally up there on business, as well as getting to drive around the mountains on weekends, catch a Phish concert, eat at the local brewpub. Haven’t had a good excuse to go back up there in years, but maybe sometime.

    Coworkers who live there say it’s a great town to raise kids in, though they do have this silly local custom called “winter”.

  9. Just wanted to thank you for coming to Boise! It was a pleasure to meet you. Maybe, someday, you can come to Boise when you can spend a little time. The family might appreciate the annual Spirit of Boise Balloon Festival (usually first weekend of September).

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