View From a Hotel Window, 8/22/15: Spokane

For Sasquan, this year’s Worldcon, I splurged on a penthouse suite (I’m paying for it, not Tor). It has a view not of a parking lot. Also, today the sky is actually blue, as opposed to being mainly composed of smoke and ash, as it was yesterday. A very pretty day to have a Hugo ceremony, which will happen this very evening. I am having a lovely Worldcon so far.

Tomorrow: Fort Collins, I will be visiting you for the first time. Come see me at the Midtown Arts Center at 3pm, sponsored by Old Firehouse Books. This is a ticketed event with the tickets being $5 (cheap), and the tickets also count as $5 off when you buy The End of All Things. See you there!

21 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 8/22/15: Spokane”

  1. That’s the first pretty view of the tour. Thanks for subsidizing it, John. Spokane looks lovely.

  2. Very nice. Sorry you’re suffering from parking lot withdrawal, though!

    Enjoy Sasquan, hope you have a fantastic time…

  3. Great view bet you brought the nice, ash free weather with you. Good to hear your having a lovely time. I’m excited Heldinki 2017 won in site selection! From most reports I’m hearing people are having a good time. Live blogged business meetings have been fascinating reading. Being at Worldcon vicariously has been good this year. Still wish I were there.

  4. Dr Drake, I have been watching the business meeting on youtube, and I don’t think there are many pups in attendance. They talked a lot – but didn’t show up.

    I do hope someone videotapes the panel discussions.

  5. Ah, that’s from where all of today’s smoke came from, down here in the southern part of the state! Glad you could actually see some of the area’s pretty, but did you have to blow the smoke down here on the day I was riding my bike 65 miles for charity?

  6. It’s my impression that most of the people who have been trying to shut down the discussion of the constitutional amendments intending to address slate nominations are long time worldcon attendees who believe either the slate nominations are a temporary aberration which will go away once certain parties have made their point and therefore don’t need to be addressed in the constitution, or don’t safely address the problem. I haven’t been polling but I haven’t run into many people who think the slates were a good thing.

  7. I live in Spokane and I’m very sad I was unable to attend and meet you while you were in town. Hopefully another book release in the future will have you return!

  8. Enjoy your stay in my home town Scalzi. It was a real shit show yesterday and I’m glad it cleared up for proceedings today. Thoughts to our firefighters out there and their families. We were calling up citizen volunteers yesterday because it’s that insane. Have a great con despite the puppy bullshit. Cheers.

  9. I have tossed many many a frisbee (and kicked many a hacky-sack) on that lawn you can see there. Spokane, I suppose, will always be home though I haven’t lived there in 15 years.

  10. An excellent awards ceremony, indeed.

    Enjoy yourself, you oft-mentioned-person at such affairs, and I hope to see you Monday!

  11. Don’t let the Dalek find you!
    Off topic: I love that you use the cover art from your books for this space; I think they’re wonderful.

  12. Lovely view. I’m very happy for you that you could afford the penthouse at least for a day or two. Watch out for Daleks; I think they have it in for you! Either that or they like you and I’m not sure which is scarier.

    Kristy–I hope you’re okay after riding through all that smoke! I hear it got tough for fans with breathing issues at the con the day(s) before.

  13. Fort Collins is a gorgeous place (even in January, when I was last there). If you want to try a good local place for breakfast, consider Luciles.

  14. Thanks for coming to Spokane! It’s also pretty cool even when there’s not a Worldcon in town or a murky lungsqueezing hellscape outside – here’s hoping you come back some day!