Daily Archives: August 23, 2015

View From a Hotel Window, 8/23/15: Aurora, Colorado

Ahhhhh, yes. Parking lot, I missed you so. Today: As noted previously, Fort Collins at 3pm. Be there or be square. Seriously, you’ll turn into a cube if you don’t go, Fort Collins. An evil wizard has cast a spell on your town, you see. Tomorrow: Bay Area, you have two  — yes, two! — […]

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A Brief Comment on the Hugos

I remember, when the Hugo nominations came out, Brad Torgersen crowed that the Puppies had taken over the Enterprise. So, to extend the metaphor, this is what happened to the Puppies last night at the Hugo Awards: And if you remember, afterwards the Federation built the Enterprise back up again, just as good as, if not […]

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