View From a Hotel Window 8/25/15: Los Angeles

No parking lot. That would be the 405. But a nice view of the street.

Tonight: The Last Bookstore! 7:30! Come hang, it will be awesome.

Tomorrow: Phoenix and Scottsdale! The last night of the tour. Poisoned Pen, 7pm. Dress warmly! (PS: Don’t actually. It’s Phoenix in August, man.)

12 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 8/25/15: Los Angeles”

  1. There should be a Hugo category for “Best Parking Lot on a Book Tour.” (But puppies would probably just poop in it.)

  2. Rolling the scroll wheel back and forth on that photo produces an interesting zoom-like effect.

    Will have to duck out early from a monthly writers’ workshop, but hope to make it to Poisoned Pen tomorrow.

  3. How on earth did you manage to get a picture of a street in LA without any cars on it? Has everyone already escaped? …Or is it the LA of some alternate universe? Inquiring minds must know!

  4. Center of the photo, where it’s showing the street — isn’t that a curb cut into a garage? LA’s version of a parking lot, no?

  5. Karl Cook, if you look at the base of the building on the left, you can see an end of a car peeking out. So no this is not some alternate universe. :-)

  6. Excellent reading last night, John. Thanks so much for coming to town, glad you got an interesting day out of it, too!

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