View From a Hotel Window, 8/26/15: Scottsdale

Patio and pool instead of a parking lot. I can totally end this series of pictures on that note.

Tonight: The Poisoned Pen in fabulous Scottsdale, Arizona. 7pm. Final event of this tour (well, sort of — I still have Dayton and Columbus, but I’ll be driving to those from home rather than getting there by plane. You know what I mean, here). If you’re in the Phoenix area, come by and see me! It’ll be grand.

Tomorrow: Home! You’re not invited. Sorry.

7 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 8/26/15: Scottsdale”

  1. I have good memories of the evenings there. The smell of eucalyptus, eating Mexican food and drinking Margaritas as the night cools. Enjoy.

  2. I’ll be there tonight, and I’m bringing churro dossants. As per your guidance they’re in a box you can take back to the hotel. I hope you share though :)

  3. I’ll be there tonight as well! Looking forward to it after I had such a good time at your Lock-in signing in Philadelphia last year.

  4. Well, the lounge chair could be regarded as a “parking lot” of sorts, for butts.

  5. The question is, Will John find someone has built a large car park out side Castle Scalzi when he gets home?

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