(Not a) View From a Hotel Window, 8/27/15: Bradford

Home is where your lawn is.

I’m off to get re-acquainted with my wife and child and pets. See you all later. But before I go, thank you to everyone who came to see me on tour these last three weeks. You were each wonderful and I’m so glad you spent some of your time with me. Genuinely honored.

(And don’t worry Dayton and Columbus, I’m still coming to see you. Promise!)

(Also, for those of you who are all “Hey he’s back home so I can send him email again — uhhh, maybe send it Monday? Thanks.)

12 Comments on “(Not a) View From a Hotel Window, 8/27/15: Bradford”

  1. Do Dayton and Columbus even count? That’s just, like, going to the mall for Bradfordians, isn’t it?

  2. I’ve got to ask, why are not the northeast metropoli of New York, Boston, Concord, Bangor, Hartford etc. etc. on the tour? Heck, here in central Massachusetts I’d bet you have at least 4 or 5 fans! Are your agents blind?!!! Worcester beckons!

    Okay, wait, there actually isn’t a book store…

  3. I know you don’t pick the cities and all that, but with all the work and touring you’re likely to do in your Big Book Deal future, can you pplleeaassee come to Buffalo at some point? :)

  4. Beautiful lawn, beautiful skies. You’re probably glad to be home. Thanks for including Seattle on your tour, you were great and reading your blog entries was fun. Very nice, some of those parking lots were.

  5. And….. We were very glad you came to all our cities. We would have enjoyed it even more if each stop had included lunch with Tom Hanks. I suppose Mr. Hanks deserves to have his own private session. I mean, who knows how many suggestions he felt better covered one on one, what with you being so new to the one percent club..

  6. I think Tom Hanks should just pop up randomly on Scalzi’s tour. You might get him, or him and another guy, or him and a band, or hey, here’s Tom Hanks.

  7. Oooo, you can practice your chip shots and golfing puts right there on your own lawn! Just dig a few holes here and there. Small ones, regulation golf hole size.

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