New Books and ARCs, 9/2/15 + Reminder: Event in Columbus Tomorrow, 7pm

And now I’m caught up with the new books and ARCs that came in while I was on tour! See something you like here? Tell me about it in the comments.

And if you are in or around Columbus tomorrow, remember that I am coming to the OSU bookstore for my final tour event.  I’ll be there at 7pm. You could be there too! And as always, remember to bring every single person you’ve ever met in your life. Thank you.

34 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 9/2/15 + Reminder: Event in Columbus Tomorrow, 7pm”

  1. Ahhhhh! You have Diane Duane’s new Young Wizards novel! Us mere mortals have to wait until NEXT YEAR to read that! KHAAAAAAAN!

  2. I started to get all excited about Lord of Janissaries, but it’s just the first three books in one volume. Pournelle’s been working on the fourth book for eighteen years.

  3. I didn’t know Wen had more books out! And I got my copy of Chapelwood yesterday, but I’m making myself wait before digging in…

  4. I loved Wood Sprites. I think I have read it four or five times.

    I had no idea Diane Duane had a new Wizards book. I will definitely need that one. I keep hoping she will do another one with the cat wizards.

  5. If you’re on Facebook, Wen has been posting snippets of her current work. Not an Elfhome series, but I’ve been enjoying it.

  6. Zahn and Weber? I’m a little turned on at the very thought.

    Duane? GIMME NOW! I love Diane Duane to BITS.

    Dunno most of the rest, but a Zahn/Weber team-up sounds like a match made in heaven…all of the best bits of the Thrawn trilogy and the Honorverse…god, that sounds epic.

  7. I hadn’t ready Cherie Priest’s “Maplecroft” yet, so just went and bought that AND “Chapelwood” for my Kindle. I loved her “Boneshaker” series.

  8. @lurkertype ♫ ♪ It’s gotta be the season of the cats ♫ ♪
    Note to self: why did I go “OOH! Wen Spencer!”
    pratchett poo IIRC, this is the one where he says that dragons (because of their high internal temperatures) have ashholes from which they dump ashes.
    weber/zahn duty Aw, that’s not a new one :-(
    Not sure why I’m whimpering from seeing “Tales of two Cities” because it ain’t by Dickens. Maybe high school reading lists: My theory on why that lost Shakespeare story was lost is because it sucked.

  9. I have been waiting and waiting for the new Diane Duane book. I managed to get myself into a sort of equilibrium, but now that I’ve seen that a physical copy is something that exists in the world, I’m going to start checking the release date over and over again in the vain hope that it will magically get pushed forward.

  10. I’ve enjoyed reading World of Poo to my preschooler. Although I think I laughed at it more than she did.

  11. I am seeing more I want in that stack than not; at some point I’m sure my acquisition list will simply implode on itself and become a nice little neutron star.

  12. For a bit, I thought the Golden Claw might be by *Colleen* Doran, but no such luck.

    OTOH, the next Young Wizards book!!! [quick hunt on and ebay] Bwah-hah-hah! I found a copy of the ARC! Whoo-hoo! (for way too much, but I’ll be buying official copies when they’re released).

  13. Valente, Priest, and Sargent would have me excited enough, but, as almost everybody above me has said, YES, a new Diane Duane Young Wizards book! Speech longer work no.

  14. Yea, the Zahn/Weber collaboration is good; that’s a prequel to the Harrington series, set in the economic explosion of Manticore.

    Too bad it’s the trade paperback of the hardcover version that came earlier. The 2nd book of the series will no doubt pop next month in our esteemed host’s pile.

  15. Games Wizards Play!! Beyond excited for this – also, her interstitial Young Wizards novella (or novel?) Lifeboats should be released online in the next day or two, yayayay

  16. I thought I’d be the only one to be excited about the new Duane book. Glad to know I’m (extremely) wrong!

  17. Finally evidence that Games Wizards Play is actually going to see the light of day and isn’t going to remain on Diane Duane’s computer for the rest of eternity (as I had started to fear every time the release date was pushed back again and again). This time Feb. 2, 2016 seems to be the real deal.

  18. The Wen Spencer is a paperback release; that’s why a bunch of us have read it already. It inspired a chronological reread for me, which involved a lot of switching books.

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