Clouds, 9/4/15

Because with clouds like these, we’re not getting a sunset tonight. Enjoy.

13 Comments on “Clouds, 9/4/15”

  1. [Deleted because off topic. I did get the tweet (thanks!), but it was late and I didn’t respond. It happens sometimes — JS]

  2. egbertstarr – Egbert Starr is a writer and independent publisher. At his website——lives a collection of works, fiction and non-fiction, by authors of vastly different backgrounds, but whose works connect across the dark American psyche in humor, in hope, and the search for truth. Welcome.

    I love the under-the-world almost crushing feeling of the clouds overhead here. The little toy train set world beneath that, irrelevant almost but necessary to bring out the stupendous.

  3. Geez that is a lot of grass. Ever think about prairie restoration for your lawn, or at least a chunk of it? Less time mowing, less gas used, more flowers for bees…it’s a win/win!

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