I Can’t Brain Today

And have decided to stop trying.

And you? Can you brain today?

79 Comments on “I Can’t Brain Today”

  1. Yes, but life is full of win-y chaos, so my brain is going whirl whirl whirl as I try to nail down all the bits and pieces.

  2. It’s been hard. It is 105F here and the air is still as death. All I want to do is zzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………

  3. Just read The Sagan Diary. You brained beautifully on those days. You obviously know your brain and you are wise to give it a break when it asks for one.

  4. Brain, I have’a no. Headache, I have’a instead. Thumpadathumpada. Alla time. No fun.

    Need beer.

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  5. Teacher strike here, so no braining at all in this household. Video games on full blast by the young set. Sigh.

  6. No. I made the mistake of turning on the news, and now my brain won’t stop crying at all the stupid in the world.

  7. .
    Meta-sonnet: “Per Mute”
    by Jonathan Vos Post
    The nature
    of the mind
    is to drift away
    you will find cannot say
    To drift away
    is the nature
    of the mind —
    Past in the Future
    you cannot find
    Swift Drift
    Mind Your Love
    Love Your Mind
    The nature of
    8:49 p.m.
    Sunday 6 September 2015

  8. Me brain better then you! No wait…try again…me brain gooder then…no…me brain…hell with it. Me no brain today.

  9. That’s odd, you must have walked past my cubicle today and saw the sign that reads “Cannot brain, I haz teh dumbz.”

    The sign has been up for, oh, the past six months or so of trying to make sense of the WONDERFUL FABULOUS HIGHLY EFFICIENT accounting software that we have been ordered to implement, replacing all the existing (much faster, more efficient and user-friendly) systems that we currently use. This month’s challenge is to create one simple allocation model, out of the hundreds and hundreds we need, and after spending the past two weeks on it, I am about ready to throw in the towel and go back to green eyeshades, sleeve garters and ledger paper.

    Teh brainz is leakin’ out teh eerz, man. Gots no brains left atall.

  10. Taking a break from making a new RenFaire gown (to wear Saturday). You wouldn’t think that would be so mentally draining. Though the pattern I’m using _was_ designed by someone totally clueless about sizing charts ….

  11. I’m not even certain my brain stem is engaged – spent 45 minutes at the hardware big box trying to figure out if the new screen door had the handle on the correct side. They only make them one way…

  12. Been There, done that. My job keeps me so mentally tweaked I have to play video games to numb the brain, sometimes you need to take a break. Have fun with the not braining thing!

  13. At 67 my brain is probably the best working part of me. It seems I have to use it to make the rest of my body work more efficiently, more safely and with less pains. So I have to say that its working as best it can.
    PS Just finished “Zoe’s Tale” and I’m surprised in your Acknowledgements you didn’t compare/contrast your teenage female first person story with Robert A. Heinlein’s “Podkayne of Mars”. Its the first thing I thought of when I started the story.

  14. No, so I decided to go to the beach. Now I can brain, but I am tired, which I consider a net win! (I should remember this next time I can’t brain and no one is expecting me to do anything.)

  15. I’ds cobbig into polledd seasodd here id WA. As a result, I am sniffling, snuffling, and going through tissues at a fantastic rate, and my sinuses are stuffed up to blazes. The entire left side of my head currently feels as though it’s stuffed with soggy cotton wool. I love this time of year, really I do. (Oh, and it’s only just past 8am, so I haven’t really finished waking up yet, either).

  16. Can barely even breathe. It’s 99F and raining, and we just came off a 4 hour power failure. Can we say “no air conditioning?” I didn’t think so.

  17. Between the stupid September heat wave, bringing back bad memories of living in Texas, plus chemo + all sundry meds? Yeah, me neither. No braining here.

  18. Nope. I had 4.5 hours straight of meetings today, all over campus (at your alma mater). No one can brain after that.

  19. Nope, no brains here. Of course, I currently have new-parent sleep deprivation as an excuse for any failure to brain.

  20. After the first cup of coffee? Yes. After the second? BRAINING INTENSIFIES. The third? … I don’t think caffeine-induced anxiety and disconcerted thoughts count for much.

  21. I woke up with a dog sleeping on top of me and decided that today was going to be one where I deliberately did not brain, in order to brain (and hopefully English) better tomorrow.

    Now all that’s left to do is see if it worked.

  22. Not very well, which is unfortunate as I am studying for an epidemiology test. But a very kind classmate did teach me how to calculate confidence intervals by hand (which will be on the test), so there’s that.

  23. Me brain good. Tell stoopid people to brain better like me. What wrong wit spell cheker. Spel cheker stoopid.

  24. I somehow appear to have posted the same comment twice under different IDs. I do not know how this happened but I’m speculating that iOS WordPress doesn’t want to brain today either…

  25. I brained a lot yesterday. So there was absolutely no braining today. There was a lot of napping, until it got too hot in the room of sleeping. Ugh the weather is awful and does not help the braining. I will attempt to brain again tomorrow.

  26. I cannot brain today. I have the thumb.

    No, not the dumb, the thumb. The two-pieces-of-glued-together-thumb, to be exact. I sliced through the pad of my thumb with a knife last night, and spent most of the evening in Urgent Care having them repair it with surgical Superglue. It’s astonishing how much an acute injury will sap your brain. No thought today; try back when the thumb’s better.

  27. no, no braaaain today. didn’t manage to catch braaaaaaain. Also we have ~30C with 100% humidity AND a dust storm that has been ongoing for 3 days(no, I’m not kidding), so mine declared itself unfit for service.

  28. Too hot to brain. Went to work where it was nicely air conditioned (unlike the 100+degrees outside), listened to company honchos excitedly Not Brain about our new collaborative workspace. On the way home, NPR was talking about prion diseases, and there’s some research that in addition to Mad Cow being spread by prions (which can get passed brain to brain, mainly observed in patients who’d been early recipients of human growth hormone from cadavers), but it looks like Alzheimer’s might also be possible to spread that way. They’ve stopped getting the hormones that way, but if you’re a zombie and want to avoid senility, you might not want to eat brainz.

  29. No brain no pain? Or maybe the other way around… Yeah, I totally feel like a brain in a box some days… and it is not even a Monday (BTW I can’t wait to finish “The End of All Things”)

  30. I am sorry that I dropped you
    That I slipped and accidentally plopped you
    When I held your brain in my arms

  31. I can’t brain. I have the dumb…

    Unless I am being paid, or doing work towards getting paid for things I love…

  32. Maybe after a bit more coffee and some breaky I’ll have enough brain to answer that. For now?

    . . . . . . . .

  33. No brain for days now. Expecting to open twitter in the morning for new words of wisdom (or at least entertainment) but nothing from @scalzi today :( And it’s after 8AM EDT Waiting…..

  34. I brained very productively yesterday – solved multiple problems at work, fixed a weird issue with my wife’s phone, and re-wired a faulty outlet in one of the kid’s rooms. Today, however, I am screwing around on the internet instead of being productive, so braining confidence is pretty low…

  35. I can brain, hell yeah I can brain, Watch this: e equals em see squ…, oh, I see something shiny and twinkly. What was I talking about?

  36. I had to brain yesterday, when this was posted, and I still kind of need to brain today but I am not sure that’s going to happen as efficiently as it should.

  37. I couldn’t brain at all yesterday. I’m not the top of my game today either. I partly blame the return of summer weather. Tomorrow is supposed to be worse, so.

    I did get some really good news (a member of the Recording Academy submitted Bone Walker and “Kitsune at War” to the jury for Grammy consideration, which is super-awesome – it’s a long way from here to the shortlist, but this is in fact the path) and I’m trying to keep that in mind as I struggle through tiring and irritable day jobbe things.

  38. I must brain today. Must. School is in full swing and I have to answer important questions. For example:
    “May I go to the bathroom?” Yes, yes. Teaching is so glamorous.

  39. Not really. On a random note, my RSS likes to display pictures next to entries. When you don’t include a picture in the post, it has taken to displaying the cover of Martha Wells’ “Tales of the Raksura”. So I keep thinking there’s a new Raksura book. Especially when I can’t brain.