New Books and ARCs, 9/11/15

As we once again head into the weekend, here’s a new stack of book and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound this week. What speaks to you in this stack? Tell me in the comments!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Yay Harry Connolly! It is a crime against all that is quality that his Twenty Palaces series didn’t blow up like it deserved to. And a crime against all of us who love our stories noir-influenced since it meant the end to the series after three books. I am totally stoked for this new trilogy.

What do you do, or are allowed to do, with all these books and ARCs, John? Does a library near you get them? I can’t imagine you having the time to read all of them and still write your own excellent work.

The Harry Connolly Great Way trilogy is great, fulfilling its promise of “Epic Fantasy with no dull bits.” I was sad when he stopped writing 20 Palaces novels, but pleased that resulted in this instead. It’s a blessing to readers.

I did happen to read Harry Connolly’s Great Way earlier this year.
Good: Strong, great characters, female and male. Original monsters. Original non-monster intelligent beings. Original magic. A bit to much portals for my taste, but originally used.
Medium: The story starts very spectacular, unluckily it can’t keep the tension that good in the middle, it builds up some tension in volume 3 again but is unfortunately a bit weak in the end.

I’ve put my whole review about the books in a blog post:

>> The Great Way is very interesting, particularly in book one. I’m glad it got picked up by a press for wider distribution.>>

I don’t think it did. Those TPBs look to be from Radar Ave. Press, which is Harry’s self-publishing imprint.

THEY THIRST. I like that title. With no prior knowledge of that book, I’m picturing something Event Horizonish. I’m probably wrong, but now I want to read it and see.

I’m interested in the “Nebula Awards Showcase, 2015” edited by Greg Bear. Specifically, what role does Mr. Bear play in editing this anthology?
I assume that he doesn’t select the stories, and that these are Nebula nominees and winners, . Does he merely provide a front-piece, an afterword, and perhaps some intros and/or followups? Or does he fulfill a more fundamental role?

Another fan of Harry Connolly. I liked the Great Way series; you can tell he has a theory of the magic, I think. As with the Twenty Palaces novels, you get creative and original monsters, you’re thrown into the middle of everything, and you’re left wanting more at the end.

Jay Allan, I have read his stuff, is pulp, but its still quite edible if you like military drama. Glad to see he is breaking out of the ebook market and into the “real” world it will give him more exposure.

I’ve been a fan of Jay Allan (and yourself, Mr Scalzi) for some time now, and I’m glad to see he’s in your stack. IMHO, Jay Allen writes good-old-fashioned-guns-aliens-and-glory-but-at-what-cost-to-our-humanity?-military-science-fiction. It’s pulpy, but pulpy like the best orange juice.

Unless you don’t like orange juice. Then it’s pulpy like.. Something pulpy that’s also really good. Okay, I’ll shut up now.

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