Blurbs, Conventions and 2017

A couple of things to announce re: blurbs, conventions and 2017:

Blurbs: I am done considering books for blurbs for 2015 and will not be considering any new books until January at least. I’m swamped at the moment and need to clear out the works I’m currently considering for blurbs. I’m really far behind on some. I can’t in good conscience take on any more.

Conventions: My date card for conventions is entirely filled for 2016 and I will not be accepting any additional convention invitations for that year. I’m already scheduled to be a working guest at conventions in Boston, Detroit, Dallas, Portland, Kansas City and Hawaii, and it’s possible my publisher will add a couple more to the schedule. That’s plenty. I’ll put those all into my Upcoming Appearances page soon.

(Also, if you wanted me for something for 2015… yeah, no. Full up.)

2017: I’ve decided to take a convention hiatus year in 2017, which means that aside from conventions my publisher asks me to take part of (and a couple things I’ve already committed to attending, like Worldcon), I’m taking the year off from being a working guest. If I attend a convention in 2017, it will be as a regular fan. I do this occasionally to keep the top of my head from popping off.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be invisible in 2017 — I’m sure I’ll be at a few book festivals and other events, etc., and it’s entirely possible I will tour for whatever book is scheduled that year (currently, that’d be the Lock In sequel). Just that I probably won’t be a guest of honor at a science fiction convention.

What this means is that if you were planning to ask me to be a convention GoH or working guest in 2017, you should probably consider other guests instead, as my plan at this point is to turn down invites. The good news is there are lots of other very fine writers to consider. I don’t imagine you’ll have any trouble finding GoHs who are not me.

(I’ll be open to scheduling 2018 GoH gigs. Just, uh, not yet, please. Wait until 2016 at least to ask.)


20 Comments on “Blurbs, Conventions and 2017”

  1. No doubt he is avoid the conventions to avoid talking about the books he does not sell. Looking forward to Lock In sequel.

  2. I think a convention hiatus is a smart move. I cut way back on my Giant Nerd/Gaming Conventions this year (Gen Con and Fan Expo Canada were it) and I don’t regret it at all.

    Wait, PAX South was in January. But that’s just down the road and barely counts.

    Next year . . . maybe Gen Con and nothing else. We’ll see.

  3. Awesome! Better to be busy doing what you love than anything else. Would you still be available for a skype interview and increase your exposure at the same time? Cheers!

  4. Waiting for first cup of coffee to reboot my braining.
    Half asleep, what I heard was:
    . “I’ve decided to take a blurb hiatus year in 2017… Boston, Miskatonic, Detroit, Dallas, Discworld, Portland, Portal to Neandertal alternative, Kansas City, and A.I. Hawaii…. I’ll be invisible.”

  5. .
    Indeed, see you all Helsinki Worldcon in 2017, a million sleepless nights from now!
    A million sleepless nights
    2,637.91 years crawl past
    8,640,000,000 seconds; festival of lights:
    Locate, isolate,
    evacuate, then Mitigate

  6. John –

    I’ve decided to take a convention hiatus year in 2017, which means … I’m taking the year off from being a working guest.

    No JoCo cruise??!!!

    /me sorrows

  7. I look forward to the publication of my first novel, with the cover blurb


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