In Which Patrick Rothfuss Gets All Bunned Up For Charity

Earlier today I noted that Patrick Rothfuss was getting close to a milestone:

This prompted the following comment:

To which I responded:


A deal is a deal, and I have donated to the Worldbuilders for Syrian Refugees campaign.

If you are also moved by Pat’s buns, may I suggest you donate as well? I, Pat, and his buns thank you.

18 Comments on “In Which Patrick Rothfuss Gets All Bunned Up For Charity”

  1. Welp, I see he’s got his “if I ever get arrested, guess what pic the media will run with” bit sorted….

    Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go have some nightmares.

  2. Scariest thing I’ve seen all day. I’m awake for at least the next 24 hours, possibly longer. Thanks.

  3. You know there is going to be stew in his next book now you made him enbun himself?

    Greg, was that a reference to the Princess and Mr Wiffle?

    Great cause btw… I’ve donated.

  4. For CHARITY!

    Yeah. That’s not the worst thing people have done for charity. I’ll happily donate. :)

  5. I had no idea man-buns were a thing until these tweets. And of course just today I’ve seen three different guys with one. Isn’t that always how it works.

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