In Which Patrick Rothfuss Gets All Bunned Up For Charity

Earlier today I noted that Patrick Rothfuss was getting close to a milestone:

This prompted the following comment:

To which I responded:


A deal is a deal, and I have donated to the Worldbuilders for Syrian Refugees campaign.

If you are also moved by Pat’s buns, may I suggest you donate as well? I, Pat, and his buns thank you.

18 thoughts on “In Which Patrick Rothfuss Gets All Bunned Up For Charity

  1. Welp, I see he’s got his “if I ever get arrested, guess what pic the media will run with” bit sorted….

    Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go have some nightmares.

  2. You know there is going to be stew in his next book now you made him enbun himself?

    Greg, was that a reference to the Princess and Mr Wiffle?

    Great cause btw… I’ve donated.

  3. I had no idea man-buns were a thing until these tweets. And of course just today I’ve seen three different guys with one. Isn’t that always how it works.

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