Where I Will Be in October

October is a busy month for me! Here are the places you can see me then.

Oct 2-3: Iowa City Book Festival, Iowa City. I arrive on Friday and will be loitering about, but my events will be on Saturday. I’m doing a reading and (I think!) a signing. More details soon. Nevertheless — I’ll be there!

October 8: New York Comic Con, NYC. One day only, and on Thursday at that. I’ll be doing two signings and emceeing a panel introducing a pretty talented quartet of Tor writers and leading them through a game of “Would You Rather.” It’s going to be a ridiculous amount of fun.

October 9-10: Nerdcon:Stories, Minneapolis. I’m all over this one with panels, signings and a couple of other goofy events. I will be bringing a ukulele. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

October 24: Tacoma Public Library, Tacoma. I’ll be doing two events here. From 9:30 to 12:00, I’ll be doing a writing workshop (which will likely be a couple of sessions with me talking about a writing career from a creative standpoint and from a business standpoint), and then from 1 to 3:30 I’ll be doing a reading, Q&A and signing.

So, yup, pretty busy in the month of October. And what do I have planned for November and December? Not a damn thing. Well, maybe I’ll write a book, but other than that, nothing. Don’t worry, my 2016 is packed.

9 Comments on “Where I Will Be in October”

  1. FYI, NYCC still has you listed as TH & SU. I have Sunday tix, I’m bummed you won’t be there!

  2. I might see you in Tacoma. I haven’t found any info on the writers’ workshop on the library’s website. I’m not sure if the scant amount of time I’ve been able to dedicate to writing is enough to justify taking up a space in the workshop. I’m pretty likely to make the reading and signing.

  3. Holy crap! Tacoma? We are going to have to roll out the red carpet for you! I’m a native and quite proud of my little city. Hopefully your handler will show you around a bit.

  4. @Dave There is info for the Tacoma workshop on the Cascade Writers website. I think they are co hosting the event.

  5. Finds out John Freaking Scalzi is teaching a writing workshop in Tacoma.
    Starts dancing (really more waddling) in excitement.
    Looks at date of event.
    Realizes it’s only a couple days shy of my due date.
    Checks Google maps and sees I would be about 90 min from my hospital.
    Wonders if any fellow workshop participants would be willing to deliver my baby if needed.
    Decides that might interfere with the learning process.

    Sigh. Have fun, you guys.

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