Last Night’s Twitter Rant Involving 20somethings and Finance

As a side note, when I was posting this, I was getting some stick from presumably 20something people who were all, “Yeah, you don’t know what it’s like these days for 20somethings! It’s terrible!” And I get that, but I don’t know that it matters; debt and savings are concepts separate from that. If you have debt in your 20s (school loans and credit cards, for example) pay it down first if the interest rate on that is likely to be more than you’ll get from investing. Then invest and save. You’ll still be able to hang with friends and have a good time even if you’re putting a little bit into savings/investment with every paycheck. Honest!

Anyway, yes. The article linked to above is seriously one of the stupidest things I’ve read in a while. Don’t listen to it. It’s wrong wrong wrongy wrong wrong.

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