Sunset Clouds

The day got away from me, which is actually happening fairly frequently these days (today’s was for a good reason which I can’t tell you about yet but which will be squee-worthy if it comes to fruition, I assure you), so in lieu of actual words about things today, allow me to present you with yesterday’s clouds at sunset, which were more interesting than the actual sunset, since where the sun was setting was free of clouds or interesting atmospheric effects. I only present you the good parts! That’s because I care, you know.

4 Comments on “Sunset Clouds”

  1. It’s overcast here, so a nice sunset went down well. Also, I was auto-dealt the header picture of Daisy on the lawn twice today, and that’s one of my favorite in the rotation. Two photo wins.

  2. Ah, Mr. Scalzi. Your generosity knows no bounds.
    Real response: thanks for sharing your pretty pictures!

  3. John, your words that we find on macerated wood pulp are more than worthy.

    One does have to ask, though: “Squee-worthy”? Or “Kermit-flail-worthy”?

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