Last Sunset of the Summer, 2015

And with it begins Yom Kippur. Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox here in the northern hemisphere (at 4:21am my local time). Busy day.

It’s been a good summer for me. Hope it was for you, too.

11 Comments on “Last Sunset of the Summer, 2015”

  1. Glad you had a good summer, Mr. Scalzi. The best I can say for my own is that was “interesting.” Well, that, plus the fact that I appear to have survived it. At my age, that’s an accomplishment.

    Thanks for the photo, too. You set a high standard for all us hobbyist shutterbugs who don’t know an f-stop from a hole in the ground, and for whom photo-shop is a complete mystery. But then again, it’s good to have a high bar to aspire to. I may never take a photo like that, but I’ll keep on trying anyway.

    Peaceful autumn wishes to you and to all who stop by here.

  2. We’re looking at the first actual warm day of spring here in Perth (I’ve decided to leave off the leggings I usually wear under my jeans in winter, and I’ve pulled my summer slip-on shoes out of storage). 31C today, according to the weather bureau, and 30C tomorrow. I may have to pull out the short-sleeved shirts if this goes on!

  3. Happy equinox from bloody freezing Melbourne (AU) where today is an improvement on yesterday, on account of the lack of hail. Winter has been bitter and long, and Spring is her usual fickle self, so far. But the days grow longer and warmer.

  4. Summer is over on the calendar. We still have until Halloween to go in San Antone. But I’m in no hurry. I still have my summer chores to finish. Huzzah! Have a great fall to all y’all.

  5. Nice sunset shot, but fairly typical. Actually I like your forest/walking children at the top of the page better. Better compositional contrast between the large size of the trees and smallness of the children, but contrast emphasized by the colorful dress. Find something other than sunsets to show; every amateur does that.

  6. John:

    I like taking pictures of sunsets and I don’t recall asking for your opinion on what I should or should not take pictures of. If you don’t like the sunset pictures, you may feel free to ignore them.

  7. That is gorgeous! I love the colors. Usually sunsets are overly orange, but you managed to capture the rich Tardis blues of the sky.

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