Look What Facebook Has Done To Us, Starring Me and Sara Benincasa

So Facebook went down briefly earlier today, and naturally I had to make a joke about it.

A few minutes later Sara Benincasa posted a suspiciously similar tweet:


And, then, as they say, it was on:









Let’s hope GMail stays up. For all our sakes. But especially Mr. Fluffkins’.

(PS: Sara has a new novel coming out in November. I hear it’s pretty good. Maybe you should pre-order it or something.)

21 Comments on “Look What Facebook Has Done To Us, Starring Me and Sara Benincasa”

  1. My wife said her Facebook crashed, and if I found it later, to log her out. I said: “Could be a pre-emptive cyberattack by China, after Xi dined with Bill Gates, and before the state dinner at the White House…

  2. Sara’s new novel? Yep, I ordered copies of “D C Trip” for my library system. AND FACEBOOK CAN’T STOP ME HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

  3. Civilized people double space after all periods!

    Either that, or old people. It’s one of the other. Or both. I’m old — whether I’m civilized is open to debate.

  4. Also, I feel as though someone needs to start putting together an insertion team to mount a rescue for Mr. Fluffkins.

  5. Elizabeth McFadden wrote:
    Civilized people double space after all periods!

    Civilized people might do that, but what do male people do?

  6. Double-spacing after a period is the Right Thing To Do. So I’m definitely on Sara’s side, Scalzi! And I’m only 3.3% Neanderthal, and not quite antique yet.

  7. Dude! I have the same Teddy bear from when I was young. I can even see the same spot where he used to have a bow tie attached (or am I imagining it? I might be imagining it)

  8. And the day after this spat, Scalzi’s member of Congress, John Boehner, abruptly announces he’s retiring in a month. Coincidence, or a sign of deeper faults in the body politic…?

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