Look What Facebook Has Done To Us, Starring Me and Sara Benincasa

So Facebook went down briefly earlier today, and naturally I had to make a joke about it.

A few minutes later Sara Benincasa posted a suspiciously similar tweet:


And, then, as they say, it was on:









Let’s hope GMail stays up. For all our sakes. But especially Mr. Fluffkins’.

(PS: Sara has a new novel coming out in November. I hear it’s pretty good. Maybe you should pre-order it or something.)

21 Comments on “Look What Facebook Has Done To Us, Starring Me and Sara Benincasa”

  1. My wife said her Facebook crashed, and if I found it later, to log her out. I said: “Could be a pre-emptive cyberattack by China, after Xi dined with Bill Gates, and before the state dinner at the White House…

  2. Katherine Jay – Katherine Jay was born and raised in England before fleeing to Canada, where she lives in a wind-swept house with two cats and too many books. In her spare time, she reads, writes, and watches good SFF and terrible disaster movies. She can be found on Twitter @stompydragons.
    Katherine Jay

    At least Twitter wasn’t down ;-)

  3. Hmm – Apparently this thing doesn’t like certain characters resulting in an empty post.

    I now un-mask the previously masked statement in which I am cloning legions of Mr. Fluffkins for sale to the highest bidder the next time some social media artifact goes down…

  4. Elizabeth McFadden wrote:
    Civilized people double space after all periods!

    Civilized people might do that, but what do male people do?

  5. Double-spacing after a period is the Right Thing To Do. So I’m definitely on Sara’s side, Scalzi! And I’m only 3.3% Neanderthal, and not quite antique yet.

  6. Dude! I have the same Teddy bear from when I was young. I can even see the same spot where he used to have a bow tie attached (or am I imagining it? I might be imagining it)

  7. And the day after this spat, Scalzi’s member of Congress, John Boehner, abruptly announces he’s retiring in a month. Coincidence, or a sign of deeper faults in the body politic…?

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