Daily Archives: October 1, 2015

In Which I Rank the Months, Because Why Not

In order from best to worst: 1. October: Halloween. Cool weather. Foliage. 2. May: My birthday. Spring in full bloom. Memorial Day starts summer. 3. December: Come on, it’s the holidays. 4. September: Start of the school year (traditional). Football, if you care. 5. June: Summer’s nice month. 6. November: The middle child of the 4th […]

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The Big Idea: David J. Peterson

Here’s a word for you: “Conlanger.” Do you know what one is? And what one does? And how they relate to some of your favorite fantasy and science fiction movies in the last several years? David J. Peterson, author of The Art of Language Invention, will catch you up on all the details — and they’re […]

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