View From a Hotel Window: Iowa City + New Books and ARCs, 10/2/15

First, the view out my hotel window!

Well, it’s not a parking lot. The room itself is perfectly nice, however, so. For those of you in or near Iowa City, my events are tomorrow: I have a reading/Q&A at 4pm at 135 South Dubuque St (the former Wedge space, I am told) and I will have a signing there immediately thereafter). Come on down!

And now, new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound this week. Obviously I took the picture before I left. Here’s what we have:

What looks good to you? Tell me in the comments!

35 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window: Iowa City + New Books and ARCs, 10/2/15”

  1. I’m going for Ann Leckie too, it’s been a great story so far and I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  2. Bonnie McDaniel – United States – Writer, blogger, reader. I mainly write about things I read and watch, and occasionally rant about politics. I'm not afraid of arguing--I rather like it, but I also know when to cut my losses. (On the Internet, that point usually comes sooner rather than later.)

    Ancillary Mercy! I can’t wait to get mine.

  3. Nope, nope, nothing interesting there…oh, wait! :)

    Why did I assume that basically every comment in this thread so far would be about one book? (Assumed correctly, I might add.)

    I’ll make a feeble effort to discuss something else. Um, Future Perfect sounds interesting. Anyone know…no, I can’t do it. Mercy FTW! :D

  4. Trail of the Dead is apparently the second book in a post-apocalyptic series in which a teenaged Apache girl named Lozen has been forced to hunt genetically engineered monsters who have escaped the control of the ruling elite class. Also, she apparently has an enigmatic Bigfoot friend named Hally.

    To paraphrase Nicolas Cage, how have I not already read this series?!

  5. willisgarycpa – Victoria, BC, Canada – Retired life-long Texan after 27 years in Public Accounting as an MBA Certified Public Accountant and 18 years in Education as an MA-English Teacher, now relocated summer 2018 to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to continue decades long self-employed career as a Poet and Writer.
    Gary Willis

    Already preordered Ancilliary Mercy months ago. Reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell for book club this month.

  6. OK, davea47, here’s the first verse. What comes next?

    Pretty warship, flying through that gate
    Pretty warship, Anaander whom you hate
    Pretty warship, I don’t believe it, can it be true
    No one can plot as good as you … Mercy!

  7. Future Perfect looks like it’s going to be agonizingly moralizing one way or another. Just reading the amazon blurb annoyed me.
    So Ancillary Mercy it is.

  8. Just wanted to thank you for posting the pictures of the new book stacks you get. First thing I do is trot to Goodreads and look up each one and decide what I want to buy. Your pictures are about the closest thing I have found to a “new books this week” site.

    p.s. Any publishers reading this please send him more new books

  9. Katherine Jay – Katherine Jay was born and raised in England before fleeing to Canada, where she lives in a wind-swept house with two cats and too many books. In her spare time, she reads, writes, and watches good SFF and terrible disaster movies. She can be found on Twitter @stompydragons.
    Katherine Jay

    Ancillary Mercy! Which should be hitting my mailbox tomorrow, Canada Post willing.

  10. Trail of the Dead! I’ve pre-ordered this for our library and am so excited. One of my favorite scifi/post-apocalyptic worlds.

  11. Read the first ‘Ancillary’, no desire to continue. Just didn’t -care- about the characters. Of course, ymmv.

  12. of the two books I already knew I wanted(PeterM’s comment on Trail of the Dead now has me intrigued), Mercy actually comes second to An Inheritance of Ashes.

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