Greetings From Iowa City

It’s very pretty here today.

Reminder if you’re in town that I’ll be doing my event at 4pm at the former “Wedge” space at 136 S. Dubuque (I wrote 135 yesterday – my bad). See you there!

If you’re not in town, I hope you’re having a good day anyway, and, if you are on the east coast, that you haven’t been swept away by rain.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

6 replies on “Greetings From Iowa City”

Really enjoyed your talk in Iowa City today. I’ve read Red Shirts, thanks to Leo Laporte’s mention on one of his audible ads. Look forward to reading/listening to more. Thought you might enjoy the current exhibit Cedar Rapids Museum of Art – Out of This World: Science Fiction and Fantasy Art. – September 12, 2015 – January 3, 2016 ” …coincides with the 40th anniversary of ICON, Iowa’s longest running science fiction and fantasy convention. ( ) If you have time, CR is ~25 mi north of IC, although only ~ 10 mi north of the airport.

Glad the weather there is nice. Here in South Carolina it has been mostly rain (with about 1 hour of sunshine) for over a week. Rain that causes flooding… flooding that causes at least one death near me. I like a bit of rain at night to sleep by, but seriously, we seem to have pissed off some rain god along the way. Any ideas which one? What should we offer in appeasement/absolute personal humiliation?

So, what’d you think of Iowa City and the environs? If you enjoyed your trip I’m sure the nice people who run the annual ICON convention would be ecstatic to have you some time.

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