Ohio From Above, 10/4/15

You can see where the fields are being harvested. A nice contrast of brown and green. Three weeks ago, it was mostly green. Three weeks from now, it will be mostly brown. The seasons. They happen.

In other news I am back in Ohio, for the next couple of days. Then it’s off to New York City for ComicCon and then Minneapolis for Nerdcon. Busy times here in Scalziland.

7 Comments on “Ohio From Above, 10/4/15”

  1. Just flew off the opposite direction, bound for home in Oregon. My favorite part of the trip is the polka-dot fields of eastern Colorado, from pivoting irrigation rigs.

  2. What! No pumping jacks below? Try flying over our part of the world, Sir Scalzi. The Permian Basins of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. Black gold. The sweet smell of crude oil. Smells like money$$$$$

  3. I’ll have to ask my in-laws when they get back from the UK tomorrow, but I suspect the Western Australian wheatbelt is starting to look much the same, although there the variation would be between light green and yellow (grain, grain, more flippin’ grain) with darker olive blocks where there’s a bit of uncleared land, and white bits where there’s a salt lake.

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