Sunset, Dog and Cat, 10/6/15

Yes! You get all three! Because you deserve them. Yes you do.

Have a good night, folks. See you all tomorrow.

14 Comments on “Sunset, Dog and Cat, 10/6/15”

  1. I love the difference between the photo of the dog here, and the photo you posted on the Twitter.

  2. Sunset pic is stunning! Sending cuddles to your critters. And respects, from my feline Benevolent Overlords.

  3. I hate to be ungracious (or do I?) but I was hoping for a picture of a sunset featuring both a cat and a dog. Possibly the cat and the dog teaming up to pull Helios from his chariot and thus causing the sunset…

  4. “Go on human, rub my furry belly. You know you want to. I won’t scratch you. Probably”.

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