Sunset, Dog and Cat, 10/6/15

Yes! You get all three! Because you deserve them. Yes you do.

Have a good night, folks. See you all tomorrow.

14 Comments on “Sunset, Dog and Cat, 10/6/15”

  1. Jessica Lynn – My blog steers towards my daily thoughts on different situations. I hope to bring a positive outlook on life along with humour. My main goal is to get people understanding that they are not alone and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I want to bring joy to my readers with good reads from random rants to my everyday struggles and accomplishments. Hope you all enjoy!
    Jessica Lynn

    Love it

  2. I hate to be ungracious (or do I?) but I was hoping for a picture of a sunset featuring both a cat and a dog. Possibly the cat and the dog teaming up to pull Helios from his chariot and thus causing the sunset…

  3. That is so beautiful

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