Today’s Twitter Tomfoolery

It goes a little something like this.

Never a dull moment with the Scalzis, I’d say.

29 Comments on “Today’s Twitter Tomfoolery”

  1. Is–Is Daisy bleeding in that fan-art? THOSE CURSED FOG-BEARS! ATHENA WILL HAVE HER REVENGE!

  2. I’ve always wondered, do fog bears just attack when fog covers their approach? Or do they emit their own fog as camouflage?

    And Athena is indeed magnificent. It’s good that you’re proud to be her father; now it’s time to strive to be worthy of being her father!

    (Surprise twist ending: you were worthy all along! You just had to feel worthy.)

  3. It’s a rule of thumb that kids on the internet should be careful of inadvertently letting outsiders know that they’re home alone . . .

    In this case, I feel no pity for any outsiders damnfool enough to try to act on that knowledge.

  4. About Bicycle Repairman’s picture:
    1. Nice!
    2. If that’s what school-canceling fog in Ohio looks like, then come (back) to the Bay Area. Visit Pacifica. Tell the school district about fog. You will not be believed because photography is impossible when the marine layer does not want to be photographed. Light itself bends to its will.

  5. As an innocent bystander who is in awe. The barding is wrong for daisy and a light sabre isn’t suited for mounted fighting. The comforting part is I’m pretty sure she will quickly adapt and I will bend a knee for fealty (or die in an appropriate yet comical fashion)!

  6. You will ride with Our Lord Scalzi to Valhalla, shiny and chrome!


    This is awesome, Mr. Scalzi. Thanks a lot for putting this up here; one of my friends died recently and I desperately needed to be cheered up.

  7. I always suspected Athena Scalzi was magic. It’s that teenage reaction to her conservative science father, no doubt. smile emoticon

  8. Athena Scalzi.
    Riding a Dog.
    To Fight Fog Bears.
    With a Light Saber.

    I may be cool – but I’ll never be that cool.

  9. Peter: She had already blown the fog horn when the fan art was made! It cleared the puny Ohio fog! Take THAT, meteorlogical phenomenon!

  10. This thread was the fodder for a conversation with my man this morning. I had to tell him how freaking awesome it is to see people joking so comfortable with each other and they’re actually family.

  11. 1 Fog bears are really bloodthirsty undead 18th century pirates in disguise, as the sacred texts of Saint John Carpenter make clear (or murky).

    2 The goddess Athena is GREEK, not Nordic. The horns are anachronistic, not to mention very sharp-looking.

    3 There is NO fog in that photo.

    4 The dog is fine.

    5 Burning down their houses is apparently how the Chinese discovered roast pork.

  12. Xopher: fog bears have a low body temperature but sweat profusely, emitting water vapor into the air near dew point, thereby generating their own fog.

    The reason they are so aggressive and will attack nearly anything is because they are so terribly, terribly thirsty.

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