My Annual Moment of Appreciation for WordPress VIP

On October 8, 2008, I switched my blog hosting solution from its previous, sadly buggy and performance-issue-ridden state, to WordPress VIP. In the seven(!) years since, the downtime I’ve experienced on the blog due to technical or backstage issues has been so small that I literally can’t remember a single one longer than fifteen minutes, and I can only remember one of those. It’s been so solid that I never even think to worry if a larger site links in here; I know however many people come to visit, the site can handle it.

Which is to say that yet again I can whole-heartedly endorse WordPress VIP as a back-end and technical support solution for your blog and site hosting needs. Good people, great know-how and the best-of-class capability. I’m delighted to have Whatever on VIP.

And no, this annual “hey these folks are awesome” message is not bought and paid for, nor expected by WordPress VIP. I do it because when something works, you let people know it works, and you recommend it. WordPress VIP works for me. I recommend it.


7 Comments on “My Annual Moment of Appreciation for WordPress VIP”

  1. How much does it cost to host a blog as active and well-read as Whatever? (and if that’s a “none of your business” question, my apologies.)

  2. Will check it out – didn’t even know it existed. Thanks for the link and the endorsement.

    I have my own reasons for wanting a sturdy website – I am about to tackle a whistleblowing job which may (or may not) generate traffic, and I know I can’t handle it.

  3. Cool that it works so well. I like free WordPress. It’s been very reliable. I looked up general VIP pricing since it’s right on the VIP website. Wow, so very out of my league. Maybe I could go with a Premium account though. I get weird ads on my “free” blog sometimes, and I wonder what people think if those…

  4. For those not at our gracious host’s scale, I heartily recommend Premium, which provides most of the same stuff as WordPress VIP (minus the one-on-one support) for less than $9 a month.

    I also have no relationship with besides being an extremely happy customer, and having wasted far too much time on self-hosting WordPress to ever want to do so again.

  5. Bear in mind that you can also self-host WordPress (download from .org) relatively simply, and have ALL THE FEATURES or just a simple blog, for the cost of a baby hosting account ($5 or less per month). Most webhosts have a one-click install built in, at this point.

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