This is What Twitter is Made For, 10/12/15

Where will this conversation go next? I’m sure you’re just quivering with antici –

20 Comments on “This is What Twitter is Made For, 10/12/15”

  1. I honestly don’t think a Frank-n-Furter Curry sounds very good. Even Meat Loaf sounds better. Maybe some Potatoes O’Brien. Just be sure to wrap the leftovers in Saran-don Wrap.

  2. @scalzi ever thought out embedding these things or using storify? it’s pretty difficult to read with all the links, could be awesome with the images embedded.

  3. I don’t know what browser or device you’re using, Adam, but all the images are embedded and it looks nice for me (Firefox on Windows 7).

  4. @hemisphere, I’m using latest Firefox on win7 too, but no javascipt enabled for, that’s likely the problem. that and I read the site through the rss feed, which leads to all sorts of weird shenanigans.

  5. Classic l’esprit d’escalier, for it would have been better if I had typed:

    Tweeter Frank Furter displayed dedication and…