The New Trees

As promised: The new trees, in their new homes.

I and Ana Marie Cox Geek Out About Politics and Science Fiction

Ana Marie Cox is a well-known political wonk type of person (heck, she was the Wonkette, back in the day), but she’s also a fan of science fiction, and also, as it happens, a fellow alum on the University of Chicago, where our tenures overlapped by a year or so. When I was in Minneapolis this last weekend, I sat down with her to talk about science fiction, politics and all the way those two topics combine for The Brouhaha, her new podcast.

We had a grand time, and our conversation is now available in two flavors: One, as part of the official Brouhaha podcast, in which I appear along with¬†Rebecca Traister and¬†Hayes Brown (who have separate interview sessions); and two, as a “mini-podcast,” which is just me and Ana talking on the subject for almost exactly an hour. Pick which one you like! Or listen to both! It’s all good.

Here’s the link to The Brouhaha Podcast page. My interviews are in the October 9th, 2015 heading (for those of you who see this later than this particular week). If you prefer your podcasts through iTunes, here’s a link for that. In either case, if you enjoy the podcast, subscribe to it. That would make me, and Ana, happy.

We’re Installing Trees!

As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago we had to take down a bunch of ash trees in the front of our property because they had been attacked by the emerald ash borer. It was sad for all of us, most especially the trees. Once they were down, however, we didn’t want to just leave the front of the property bare; trees are esthetically pleasing. So, today, we’re having new trees installed: Four maples to replace the ash trees. The maples are pretty hardy and (for the moment at least) have no predators like ash borers, and of course they’re very pretty in the fall. They seem like a good choice. We’re having the tree people install them for us right now; I can hear the beeping of heavy machinery backing up as I type this. When they’re finally installed I’ll go out and update.