I and Ana Marie Cox Geek Out About Politics and Science Fiction

Ana Marie Cox is a well-known political wonk type of person (heck, she was the Wonkette, back in the day), but she’s also a fan of science fiction, and also, as it happens, a fellow alum on the University of Chicago, where our tenures overlapped by a year or so. When I was in Minneapolis this last weekend, I sat down with her to talk about science fiction, politics and all the way those two topics combine for The Brouhaha, her new podcast.

We had a grand time, and our conversation is now available in two flavors: One, as part of the official Brouhaha podcast, in which I appear along with Rebecca Traister and Hayes Brown (who have separate interview sessions); and two, as a “mini-podcast,” which is just me and Ana talking on the subject for almost exactly an hour. Pick which one you like! Or listen to both! It’s all good.

Here’s the link to The Brouhaha Podcast page. My interviews are in the October 9th, 2015 heading (for those of you who see this later than this particular week). If you prefer your podcasts through iTunes, here’s a link for that. In either case, if you enjoy the podcast, subscribe to it. That would make me, and Ana, happy.

6 Comments on “I and Ana Marie Cox Geek Out About Politics and Science Fiction”

  1. Not to be all sentence-structure wonky , but shouldn’t it be “Ana Marie Cox and I” rather than the other way around? I’ve noticed you do this before and wonder why. Would you say I and Daisy walked around and looked at the new trees?

  2. Since no one else has said anything, I will note that the session was mostly pretty interesting.
    Your real voice is nothing like I imagined it to be.
    I am not sure I buy current democrats as pragmatic people. I would say they aren’t pragmatic enough to get anything done and it leads me to suspect that they want to sound good, but not rock the boat. But then I am on the looney left.
    I also thought you were both way oversimplifying things with worldbuilder versus plotbuilder.

    On the other hand, there was a lot of good stuff and it is good to start a conversation even if the first hour of it does not uncover Every Truth in Literature and Politics.

  3. I really enjoyed that a lot, and I’m not a person who listens to podcasts much at all, normally. I’ve always liked Ana Marie Cox, though, and I didn’t know she had a new podcast, so maybe I will actually get around to listening to another one, later.

    I must have seen you talk on a video somewhere along the line, because your voice seemed slightly familiar, even though I’ve never met you or heard you talk in person.

    My answer to Anabel’s question above would be that while “I and Ana Marie Cox” is an unusual construction to my mind, there’s not anything incorrect about it. It’s just more customary to phrase it the other way around. I’m inclined to think you phrase it that way for a reason.

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