The New Trees

As promised: The new trees, in their new homes.

20 thoughts on “The New Trees

  1. They will be lovely in time. Maples are a good choice.

    And I’m with Miles – the trees are living things,so they were planted, not installed.

  2. The equipment looked massive but it looks like you went with the maxim “plant a $5 tree in a $50 hole” (prices should be adjusted for inflation).

    The bonus of maples is you can make not only helicopters but pinocchio noses – people who don’t understand the reference did not grow up with maple trees.

  3. What kind of maples are they? They look very similar (leaf color) to the two Autumn Blaze maples that I had planted at my house last spring.

    If they are AB, i think you’ll be very happy with them. Mine are still growing (obviously) but I can see the potential.

  4. Those will grow faster and more beautifully than you expect. They’re great! Congratulations to them and you!

  5. One assumes you don’t have deer around your property? I can tell you with certain knowledge that nothing tastes better to deer in the fall than the bark circumscribing the base of trees fresh from the nursery.

  6. So pretty! The only thing I miss about my old house is the maple trees. I hated raking all the leaves, but it was worth it for the beauty. These are going to be spectacular when they grow.

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