New Books and ARCs, 10/16/15

A double stack this week, for your pleasure (if for some reason you’re finding it hard to read the titles, here’s a bigger picture). What looks like a nifty read to you? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. M.A. Kropp – NH, USA – I am a writer who is also a wife, mommy, and grandmother. I live in MA in the USA. I write mostly fantasy and science fiction. I speak sarcasm fluently. I am Irish and a ginger- that is fair warning. Puppies and kittens are my friends. I like good food, good drink, good friends, and good books.
    M.A. Kropp

    Manners and Mutiny, Krampus, Howard Carter Saves the World, and Oooh! Mockingbird in print- the shiny!!!

  2. I already finished The Authorities. Enjoyable, like all Meyer’s stuff. Still amusing but less slapstick than the Magic 2.0 stuff.

    The idea of another Kadrey novel that isn’t Sandman Slim (a series I lost interest in after book 3 or 4) is exciting. I’ve enjoyed every single one of his other books, though Butcher Bird continues to hold my top spot.

  3. I’d love Manners & Mutiny as well. I received Curtsies & Conspiracies for my b-day and will be reading that one soon (hopefully this weekend). Loved the Parasol Protectorate series. I like the title “The Everything Box” so will have to check that out.

  4. Yes, I thought of The Anything Box too. Come to think of it, it’s been too long since I reread any of Zenna Henderson’s stories.

  5. Jay – New Bern, NC – INGREDIENTS: coffee, books, music, podcasts, NPR, cats, movies, the Oxford comma, and Netflix - - - WARNING: may contain nuts - - - MADE IN THE USA
    Jay E.


  6. Brendoggle – I'm an amateur. I like to break things and hack into them. Sometimes I screw things up beyond repair. I'm writing this blog because I want to encourage other people to break things. You don't have to be an expert in computer science if you want to try out Linux. You don't have to have a degree in rocket science to build a telescope. There's a time to build things and a time to break them, just have fun and be careful.

    All of the titles look interesting, but I am most attracted to Krampus and Howard Carter Saves the World.

  7. The Never Let Me book – sounds very I Am Legend-ish. Must go find.

  8. Just finished the most recent Sandman Slim. Super excited for this new Kadrey book but I have no idea what it’s about. Time for a certain someone to solicit a ‘Big Idea’ piece.

  9. So, in the Star Wars Twilight crossover, do the Sith Lords sparkle if the sun hits them? Asking for a friend.

    For me: Carriger!

    Also, wasn’t The Lady Of The Ice already an Ellis Peters novel?

  10. I know many people who liked the Krampus Book, but they are not german, and I found the story is very americanised – if that is actually a word.

  11. Everything Box caught my eye, based upon title alone. (And Krampus, but i’ve recently seen several similarly titled ones in the library)

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of the Anything Box when I saw the title on the first book… Hmm, I don’t think I have ANY of Zenna Henderson’s books on my Kindle; guess it’s time to check amazon to see if any of them are there. Her “The People” series were among my favorites since I was a teenager…

  13. I’d love to spend a couple of weeks with Illuminae, immerse myself in another space opera, but I don’t have that kind of reading time. But if What The Book (a bookstore in Seoul, South Korea) has a copy of it next weekend, I’ll jump into the book and see where it takes me…

  14. The Everything Box triggered a whole nostalgia cycle for me because it immediately reminded me of The Anything Box by Zenna Henderson, which is one of the best “aliens among us” collection of stories. Ever.

  15. I’m quite keen on Our Lady of The Ice. But I think there may be doubling up of new book piles going on here, I’d swear I added some of the books to my list from previous new book posts…

  16. Maggie Secara – N. Hollywood, CA – Life is a curious thing. I love historical recreation and modern conveniences. I love new technology but I also write ghost stories, fairy tales, and magical novels that send everyday people on adventures in time with the help of Fae magic. So perhaps it’s no surprise that my novels, the HARPER ERRANT series (Crooked Cat) bind contemporary, historical, and mythic fantasy together with music and humor. My stories have appeared in diverse places, including the FOREST OF DREAMS and SPOOKY HALLOWEEN anthologies, New Realm, Unsung Stories and Daily Science Fiction. To find my books at Amazon just click the Read My Books button or look for me at your favorite online bookseller. Otherwise I have one adoring husband, two goofy cats, four magical novels, half a million English words to toy with. Everything else is subject to change without notice.

    Howard Carter Saves the World is a terrific read!

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