Fall From the Air

Taken as I was taking off from O’Hare to Seattle/Tacoma this morning. Just a few minutes ago, in fact. Yes, I am posting this from the middle of the sky. Right now it’s just all clouds and blue. How are you?

Remember Tacoma, I’m doing an event for you tomorrow at the Tacoma public library main branch. See you there!

17 Comments on “Fall From the Air”

  1. I spent the first 12 yrs of my life in the Chicago suburbs. Many trips between ORD and LAX (to visit my grandparents) when I was young. Been living in Houston for the last 30+ yrs (near IAH). No fall to speak of. I really miss the beautiful foliage.

    TLDR–Lovely picture!

  2. What if I don’t want to?

    (Sorry. Very pretty. We don’t have that kind of thing where I live.)

  3. Gorgeous! I used to live in Wheaton just west of there. Had a beautiful old maple tree in the yard that changed to all sorts of colors this time of year. Sure do miss that!

  4. I’ve been living in Thailand for the past ten years. Oh how I miss autumn! I grew up in Western Massachusetts, where the October foliage display was always spectacular. I miss it a lot when this time of the year rolls around. Of course when I see the blizzards, I count myself lucky not to be shoveling snow!

  5. Lovely. But next time, say “Autumn from the Air.” When I saw the headline “Fall From the Air,” I was afraid the emergency exit you were sitting next to had accidentally opened. ;-)

  6. The bottom is the Tri-state tollway; the top is River Rd. The right is Oakton Ave. I’ve hiked through that forest preserve (the white path at the lower left is a foot/bike trail that goes under the Tollway). North is to the right.

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